How To: Redirect WordPress Feed to Feedburner in Genesis Themes easily

This short tutorial will tell how you can redirect wordpress feed to feedburner in genesis themes easily without the use of any plugin or any codes. If you are using a genesis theme like we are there is no need for you to install any specific plugin for redirecting wordpress feeds.

All the studiopress themes comes with a built-in feature, which can redirect your default wordpress feed to feedburner feed. Here’s how you can activate that feature:

For Genesis Users:

Step 1: Hover over the Genesis tab in your sidebar and click on Theme Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down till you see the Custom Feeds box. Here, enter your feedburner feed url which goes like[your-feed-name] and click the checkbox where it says Redirect Feed.

Step 3: Finally click on the Save Settings button down below.

That’s it. To test it just visit url. Your url will automatically be redirected to your feedburner page.

This is how we are currently redirecting our default feeds. You can apply the same method if you are using a Thesis theme instead, just look for a Syndication/Feed section in your Thesis theme settings page.

For Non-Genesis Users:

If you are not on a Genesis Framework, then here is a great guide on how you can manually redirect your feeds by using a simple code in your .htaccess file


If you don’t like touching your .htaccess file you can also use the alternative code given below and paste it in your functions.php file:

// Redirect RSS to FeedBurner //
function diww_rss_feed_redirect() {
    global $feed;
    $new_feed = '';
    if (!is_feed()) {
    if (preg_match('/feedburner/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])){
    if ($feed != 'comments-rss2') {
            if (function_exists('status_header')) status_header( 302 );
            header("Location:" . $new_feed);
            header("HTTP/1.1 302 Temporary Redirect");
add_action('template_redirect', 'diww_rss_feed_redirect');

Code credit: David Bailey

We advise you to stop using plugins for every simple thing. Sure there are many wordpress plugins available for redirecting your feeds, but in the long run these plugins will simply bloat up your database eventually. That’s why we recommend, start simplifying stuff, start coding!

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