How To: Schedule and Promote a Post on Your Facebook Page

Here is a short tutorial on how you can easily schedule and promote a post on your facebook page. Recently Facebook has unveiled a lot of new features onto its Pages platform and we will be discussing the same in this article.

Keeping your Facebook pages updated is one of the key factors in increasing your audience. We cannot always visit and share an article on our Facebook page because its very time consuming. Because there wasn’t a schedule post feature earlier on Facebook pages, we had to take help of apps such as Buffer to keep our pages active.

But lately, Facebook has integrated this much needed feature onto our Facebook pages. You can easily witness the schedule post feature when you are about to post a status update on your page i.e. the little clock icon placed at the bottom.

Schedule and promote a post on your facebook page - screenshot 3

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Scheduling Posts is simple. Just write your status message in the box and click the clock icon, and then enter the parameters, such as the Year, Month, Date and Time when you want your post to go live. Finally click the Schedule button. Wasn’t that easy?

If you would like to edit your scheduled post or cancel it completely, visit your Page Activity log, found in the Admin panel under the Manage tab and then change your post. That’s it!

Schedule and promote a post on your facebook page - screenshot 4

Facebook also gives you an option to advertise your post. If you would like to promote your post to a large number of people, or drive traffic to a specific post on your blog, this feature might come in very handy to get those extra Facebook visitors.

You might have already witnessed this feature on your page. There’s a Promote Your Page button just beside your Facebook page cover photo. Just click it and you will be asked which page you want to promote if you manage more than one Facebook pages. Earlier Facebook was allowing us only to promote our Facebook page, but now as you see we also get an option to promote a specific post of your Facebook page.

Next select the specific post choice and you will be greeted with all the additional options you need to start your campaign such as Targeting a group of people of specific age and country, setting your budget, and you can also specify the categories and interests to display your ads.

Schedule and promote a post on your facebook page - screenshot 2

Tip: When you enter your interests, be sure to place # before your interest to target people who are also closely related to your interest. Example: #Blogging will ensure that your ad reaches people who prefer Blogging Tips, Blogging tricks, etc too.

After you have finished filling all the advertising details, click on Review Advert to make it official.

So this was it. If you found this tutorial on how to schedule and promote a post on your facebook page helpful, please let us know in the comments, and do share with us the methods you are using to engage your Facebook audience.

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