How To: Setup Facebook Timeline in 1 minute [Tutorial and Guide]

Today we are going to tut you on how to setup Facebook Timeline in just a few seconds and begin enjoying it.

Facebook Timeline has been introduced. If you aren’t using it yet, here is a short 1 minute guide in setting it up and activating it right now. Facebook Timeline has not yet been officially released but Facebook gives you a chance to test out the new look for enthusiasts like you and me.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start rolling.

Important Note: You should verify your Facebook account with your mobile phone number or your credit card number before you setup Facebook Timeline. If you haven’t yet its time to do so now!

Step 1: Login to Facebook and visit the Facebook Developer page.

Step 2: Click on Create New App button. Enter the App Display Name and App Namespace. You can enter anything. Check the box where it says I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy. Pass the Captcha check on the next screen.

Facebook Timeline setting up - App name

Step 3: Now you will see a screen regarding the Basic settings of the app. Don’t touch anything. Just click on the Open Graph link that you see in the left sidebar.

Facebook Timeline setting up - Basic Settings page

Step 4: Here define an action and an object for your app. You can fill in anything. Next click the Get Started button.

Get started to setup Facebook Timeline

Step 5: Next you will see this screen. Don’t worry about the technical mumbo jumbo, leave everything blank. Just click on Save changes and Next button.

Facebook Timeline setting up - Action Type Page

Step 6: Next you will be presented with this screen. Do the same thing here, leave everything blank and click on the Save Changes and Next button.

Facebook Timeline setting up - Object Type Page

Step 7:  Now you will be on the Create an Aggregation tab. Just click on Save and Finish button.

Facebook Timeline setting up - Aggregation Page

Step 8: Finally you will see this page. Wait for a few minutes on this page, have a sip of coffee and then come back…actually not that long, a 1 minute break would be fine.

Facebook Timeline setting up - Open Graph Page

Step 10: After waiting, leave the tab and go to your Facebook homepage. Immediately you will see a Developer Release dialog box. Click Get it Now to enjoy the new Facebook Timeline on your profile.

Congratulations, you are done! End of Tutorial.

Tip: If you login to Facebook with another computer and want to access your timeline please proceed to this url:[yourusername]?sk=timeline Don’t forget to replace yourusername with your Facebook user name.

Now visit your Profile page and see the magic. Update your cover pic and start a small tour of the new Facebook timeline. When you are ready you can click on Publish Now button. Now your timeline will be visible to all the other friends who have activated Facebook Timeline.

Remember all your friends who have not yet enabled Timeline will continue seeing your old profile page. Suggest them to setup facebook timeline and activate it by sharing with them this tutorial. Facebook will reveal the new Timeline to the public on September 29.

You can also sign up for Facebook Timeline if you don’t want to setup facebook timeline now and learn more about it. Know its wide variety of features and learn how to use it more efficiently to connect with people.

If you liked this guide about how to setup facebook timeline, please pass on your comment and consider sharing this article with your friends! Thank You.

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  1. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Wow so nice post & thanks for sharing very good & useful info about facebook.

  2. MME Reply

    Wow, nice information’s, this is a very useful, thanks for new update.

  3. Elaine Reply

    This is a great tutorial post about facebook, so helpful not to mention so useful.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. John Reply

    hmmm. I took a sip of coffee and then another. the developer release box never showed up.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      facebook timeline feature is now available to everyone john. you dont have to go through all that developer stuff. please check out this article on mashable.

  5. Jeffri Abdullah Reply

    Great info from Gautam. When FB first began it was only about staying in contact with friends and family – now it has become a very sophisticated marketing platform with so much more to know. I love it and find it endlessly fascinating. Jeffri.

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