How To: Share Internet from Laptop to your Smartphone and Vice Versa

Here is an easy guide to share internet from laptop to your smartphone and vice versa. Even if your phone is a deadbeat Nokia 3200 or a flashy high end Nokia Lumia, you can just as easily setup an internet connection on your device with the help of these technologies.

Many people already have an internet connection at home. Why pay for an extra internet connection on your smartphone when you can use your existing connection on your Lappie? Efficient frugality is what I deem this as.

Wireless internet service providers have reduced the prices of their packages. However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to waste money on two internet connections. This is especially true when you have a laptop. There are many ways you can use the internet connection on your laptop, on your smartphone.

Below is a list of 4 ways you can access your laptop’s internet connection on your mobile device.

»  Sharing internet connection with the help of Internet Sites

There are websites that allow you to create virtual connections that send internet signals to your smartphone. Although you can create the same connections on your laptop, why worry about it when simplicity is at your fingertips?

Many internet sites only require that you allow a small application to run and do its thing. All you have to do is move your mouse and your fingers, JUST A LITTLE. The steps are given below.

Step 1: On the website, provide a password and a name for your internet connection
Step 2: Give the application permission to run on your laptop
Step 3: If you are using a 3G wireless broadband dongle, turn your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection on
Step 4: Once your Wi-Fi is on, enable the virtual connection on the website
Step 5: Click on the connection from your network panel
Step 6: At the “allow users to connect through this connection” option, select your dongle or previous connection.

Your laptop just became an instant Wi-Fi hotspot. Now you can use your laptop as if it was a wireless router. When you are done with the connection, just turn it off from the website.

The advantage of this connection is that you can use it on mobile devices that cannot share internet via a cable. Furthermore, you can turn the connection on and off simpler than other alternatives.

»  Sharing internet connection with the use of Programs

To keep it simple, there are many programs that utilize your internet connection and let other devices use them. This can be either through a wireless connection or through a cable.

The advantage of these programs is that the connection is much easier and simpler to set up. Furthermore, they give you greater control over the network that you created. Such programs only require that you put in the name of a connection and a password. Once done, all you have to do is search for the connection on your mobile device.

»  Sharing internet connection via Bluetooth technology

You may have heard of it at one time or another but yes, sharing the internet via Bluetooth is possible. Granted, not every mobile device comes with this capability, that does not mean you cannot try, or that it does not exist.

Many smartphones can download programs that make this option available. All you have to do is run the server program on your laptop and the client application on your smartphone and voila! Instant broadband internet via Bluetooth. This is the most easiest way to share internet from laptop to your smartphone device.

»  Tethering via Adhoc – The Most Stable and Secure internet connection between your devices

Tethering is a term that has become widely used in the last two years. More and more smartphones can let their owners use their internet connection on their laptops and/or computers.

However, did you know you could do the reverse JUST as easily?

You can actually create a separate wireless connection just as you would a normal internet connection.

Firstly, allow this connection to access your internet connection via the “allow users to connect through this connection”. Now, set up a specific IP address and set the same manually on your mobile device. If done correctly, your laptop should transmit your internet connection through a second connection that your mobile device can access.

This type of connection is more stable than other connections. However, due to a delay between two connections, the speed may be a little bit slower as compared to using a program. There are many ways to allow internet access to your smartphone or mobile device through your laptop. Although, it is recommended that you ensure your password is secure, so that only you can access it.

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  1. Julie Reply

    I had been searching for a nice quick guide to install and setup tethering between my smartphone and my laptop for a couple of weeks, when I came to your blog. Thanks for sharing these useful tips, I think I’m gonna give it a try to use my phone as a 3G modem for my laptop.

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