HP Tablets history: Slate, Palm, Hurricane and TouchPad

Today we are going to discuss HP tablets history. How they evolved from the Slate 500, HP Palm, HP Hurricane and finally their latest tab, HP TouchPad. So lets begin, shall we?

As with most of the major technology companies, rumours of HP making a tablet computer have been around for a while now. In 2010 they confirmed these rumours with some videos of the so called HP Slate that they planned on releasing back in 2010.


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The product sounded awesome, from what we could see in the video the device was about the same size as the 1st generation iPad and it ran on Windows Seven, had a touchscreen display, WiFi capabilities, an x86 processor, a webcam and multiple USB ports. The one advantage that HP seemed to be offering was the fact that this device could run flash, infamously something the iPad could not do.

We couldn’t wait to see what the device was like when it came out, but out of nowhere HP revealed that they had scrapped the HP Slate project that they had built up a fair bit of hype around.

So why did they do this? Well not long before they scrapped the HP slate, HP bought Palm. What does this have anything to do with HP making a tablet PC or contribute to the HP tablets history?


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Well Palm had one of the best mobile operating systems out there and HP planned on using it, which is why they got rid of the Slate before it was even released.

New rumours started to fly around about a device called the HP Hurricane. Considering the HP tablets history this was a modern device that ran on webOS, then HP denied these rumours. Specifications for the previously forgotten HP slate were leaked onto the HP site itself, confirming the existence of the HP Slate 500.


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Then in October of 2010 the Slate 500 was officially released at a price of $799 (double the price of the iPad) and even now they don’t sell for much less than that. The tablet PC runs Windows 7 as originally stated, it has a 8.9” screen, contains an Intel Celeron 1.86 GHz CPU, 2000MB of SDRAM, a 64GB hard drive and both front and back facing cameras. The Slate got mixed reviews really, but the biggest problem for most people was the price, which to be fair was a bit overpriced.

In July 2011, this year HP released a second tablet device: The HP TouchPad. The main differences being that this device was way cheaper and it ran webOS. The price was originally around $500 for the 16GB version, but they now go online for not much more than $200.


(Credit: techreuters)

The biggest shock came when stores in the UK and US alike started selling the HP Touchpad for around $100 for a limited period of time after HP announced that it was dropping the product and webOS! This was very recent and still may be running in some stores, so if you are looking for a cheap tablet then check out the HP Touchpad and you may just find one at a bargain price!

So HP haven’t really made it big in the tablet game yet, they delayed and cancelled and delayed again and when they did release the two devices, they didn’t do well. So much for the HP tablets history. Maybe they’ll try again until they get something worthy of competing with the big boys, but at the moment it looks like they probably won’t.

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