iPhone 6: the new iPhone!

iPhone 4 has been released, iPhone 5 is yet to release and iPhone 6 is already in the queue! Seriously? Yes. Believe it or not, rumors of iPhone 5 are not satisfying people, they want more and they want it quick. iPhone 6 is ready to be released in mid-2012. iPhone 4 is thin, iPhone 5 is thinner and now iPhone 6 is competing to be thinnest of all iPhones.

According to a Japanese daily newspaper Nikkan, iPhone 6 will incorporate LCD displays manufactured by Sharp. News from AppleInsider suggests that this is a state-of-the-art LCD display called as “low-temperature p-Si TFT LCD” (Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD. These panels speciality is that they are much thinner, lighter and consume less amount of power compared to the standard LCD displays. They are also more durable and features higher aperture ratios than the former ones. With this latest technology, companies can now create “system on glass” devices. System on glass is nothing but optical sensors, drivers and other signal processors can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate. This technology sure proves helpful in making the iPhone 6 more compact, flimsier and energy-efficient than its predecessors.

Because of a higher aperture ratio in the iPhone 6, images you see on your iPhone will be more brighter and vivid. Add this to ‘iPhone 4’s Retina Display’ technology, you will get a crystal clear picturesque display that you can’t lay your eyes off of it! But dont get too excited, these are just speculations. When the iPhone 4 was released, many of its rumors turned out to be false and for the fact Sharp hasn’t even released its LCD screens and yet the rumors of the next iPhone 6 is floating all around us, so only time will tell us what the sixth-generation iPhone has to offer us.

So how did you like this new rumor of iPhone 6! Will you trash iPhone 6 and buy the iPhone 5 anyway or will you wait a year-and-a-half for the iPhone 6? Your comment is important to us. Please share your views and let us know what your thoughts are!

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