iTunes 11 new interface awaited! Expect release in September

iTunes 11 new interface is rumored to be in process. iTunes, which is Apple’s own media playing software is on way to release its new version this September.

A source at iDownloadBlog, has stated that iTunes 11 is going to be revamped from the ground-up. iTunes 11 new interface is considered to be slick and clean compared to the boring iTunes 10 design. It is also rumored to be deeply integrated with the new iCloud services which the California based company is planning to launch in September.

According to iDownloadBlog,

We’re also hearing that iCloud backups will be integrated into iTunes. This means if you back up your iDevice to iCloud, that same backup will be stored locally on your computer. Also, app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes. For example, if you beat a level in Angry Birds, that level data will be synced to iCloud and then to your iTunes library.

This is a great news as iTunes was in need of a new UI and a full-fledged customer experience. Apart from iTunes 11 new interface modern look, it will also allow its users to access the iTunes Store from within the app rather than opening it in a separate browser. Another new feature which you could expect with the release of iTunes 11 is that you can now read all your ebooks within the iTunes itself. The iCloud services makes it very simple to backup all your data on each of your iDevices, thus making each of your Apple devices flexible adn efficient.

TNW which stresses that BGR’s info regarding the release of iTunes 11 is unproven and should be taken with a grain of salt, on the other hand folks at CNET take this news with a little bit of interest.

Now its time to tell what do you think, by dropping in a comment. Do you think iTunes 11 new interface will be a hit or will it FAIL like Apple’s Final Cut Pro X? Make your views known.

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    Good info, it’s nice to hear that we can read ebooks with the iTunes….

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