Jetpack WordPress with Gravatar Hovercards

What is a Jetpack? First let me tell you what a GRAVATAR is, it is a small picture of you which gives a recognition to you on every site. Almost every site supports a Gravatar and can easily be created by signing up over here.

What Gravatar (or Globally Recognized Avatar) does is, it associates a image of you to your e-mail address and everytime you use that e-mail address on any site to comment or post anything, it displays the assigned pic of you.



I am sure every WordPress blog uses a Gravatar. So for wordpress users there’s an another neat little tool you can use to further enhance your blog. The plugin i am talking about is JETPACK. Jetpack has a feature called as the ‘Gravatar Hovercards’. This feature turns your Gravatar image on the site into a little popup which displays further info about you such as your personal sites, a short bio of you and social networking sites you are connected to, when you hover over them. Pretty cool isn’t it? Thats what i thought and quickly implemented this feature onto my site.

Check out my site’s gravatar images. Hover on them and you will quickly notice a popup sharing more info about that respective person. Although Gravatar hovercards were first introduced by WordPress in October 2010, it got suspended and never really came through because many of the blogs didn’t support it and there was a lot of plugin interference. Otto of WordPress came through a solution of inserting a short script in your theme’s functions.php file, but for some it worked and for some it didn’t. And then there was “Voila, JETPACK” which was so compatible that everybody started using it and recently it broke a 100K downloads too.

Jetpack has a lot other cool features too! Some of them being, stats for your WordPress site, Twitter widget, Share buttons, shortlinks for your posts and many other. So what are you waiting for, get it right now! Download Jetpack from its official site or get it from the good old WordPress plugin directory from here. Its absolutely free.

So what do you think about this feature? Please pass on your comment and let us know.

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  1. Jay Reply

    Well Gautam thanks for sharing this plugin – I really like the way it create the hover effect. I am looking forward to it..

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanx a lot for the comment. Jay! :) its a great plugin by the way…it gets to know your bloggers and commenters quick and easy way and also to connect with them with the handy social networking links! :P :)

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