JustBeamIt The Best File Transfer Application ever to be made

Here is justbeamit the best file transfer application which you will ever find. There are many paid and free apps out there for transferring your files from one end to other end, but each of them comes with a Conditions apply tag on it.

What is the Biggest Drawback of File Sharing Sites?

Be it the famous Dropbox, Box.com, Mediafire, 4shared, etc, online file sharing utilities, but each of these apps are not so easy to configure. For each of them you ought to have an online account, so that it requires registering, signing in, and that also, doesn’t end here.

Every time you want to upload or download a file you have to log in to your account to do that, isn’t that a very arduous thing? And not to mention, we as avid internet users, have accounts on many of the online file sharing sites, so each time you want to sign in, you have to remember the password for that particular account.

File sharing should be fun and dead easy to do, even for the total noobs. So today we will share with you a great new file transferring method which comes with none of the jibber-jabber, and has recently become one of favorite must have utilities. Of course, i am talking about justbeamit.

What’s so special about JustBeamIt?

The most unique thing about this file transferring tool is that it is very simple to use. Lets check out all the features of justbeamit:

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Send multiple files at a time
  • No account needed, works completely out of the box
  • Peer-to-peer file delivery method (no concept of uploading/downloading)
  • Unlimited file size
  • Fully secure (Download links expire in just 5 minutes)
  • Total Privacy (Your files are never really uploaded to the server)
  • You can share your files anywhere (even in Andaman and Nicobar islands, provided you have an internet connnection)

How JustBeamIt works?

Step 1: Visit justbeamit.com and browse for the file. After which a new link is generated for your file.

Step 2: Share this link with your friend, whom you want to send the file. Be aware the link expires in 5 minutes, so be quick. After your friend opens that link, file transfer will begin. That’s it!

NOTE 1:  Do not close the tab, after you have shared the link as this will abort the transfer process. Wait till your friend downloads the file completely after which the link will automatically get expired and then you can close the tab.

NOTE 2: Remember you will be sending the file directly, so there is no term such as uploading or downloading. Download speed will depend on the internet bandwidth assigned at both the ends.

Some of the caveats of justbeamit:
  1. You cannot close the tab once you start transferring your files.
  2. If you get a ‘transfer failed‘ message due to loss of internet connection, power failure, etc you should start the process from the beginning.
  3. More than one person cannot download the file from the same link

Don’t you consider justbeamit the best file transfer application? Let us know! If you would like to be updated about other awesome internet tools we come across, be sure to get subscribed to us!

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  1. Shannon Reply

    Definitely a nice site to send files. I really like the concept. But I ran into some bugs when using it. For whatever reason it wouldn’t say when the file had completed upload. Personally I use http://FileCarton.com which is just as simple, free, and no need to register.

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