Know How Having Pinterest Profile will Maximize Your Brand Marketing

Did you know how having pinterest profile will maximize your brand marketing? Here’s an infographic that tells you how successful content marketeers are increasing their brand awareness on

The debut of Pinterest social network made a boom everywhere. For many of who are not still aware, Pinterest is a place where people share or recommend something they like by creating pins. These pins are always attached with images which are used to tell other users in a matter of glimpse of what that pin is all about.

I guess the saying ‘A Picture is worth a Thousand Words’ is the idea behind I bet you didn’t know there are approximately 2.2 million active users using Pinterest daily and over 12 million active users monthly. Major brands like Mashable, CNET, ReadWriteWeb and Huffington Post are already on Pinterest.

Right below is an infographic for you guys brought to you by Maxymiser, a website optimization firm. This picture clearly tells us how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your favorite brand and why potential bloggers are quickly adhering and adopting to Pinterest.

Know how having pinterest profile will maximize your brand marketing

Image credit: Maxymiser

Here are some important points to keep in mind while sharing content on

  • Create boards that help you tell your story to the audiences
  • Pair every product, page or important piece of content you want to draw attention to with a great image
  • Tell people you are on Pinterest by adding the icon to your site
  • Encourage engagement and pinning activity by allowing others to post their pins to your profile
  • Always add a Pinterest share button to your images
  • Refrain from posting nude and offensive content

Follow the above suggestions and you will definitely see your traffic take a boost in a day or two. Happy Pinning!

Have you gained some insightful knowledge about the topic, know how having pinterest profile will maximize your brand marketing? Speak to us in the comments!

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  1. Kushl Desai Reply

    Great Infographic, Yes ‘Pinterest’ is great source of traffic also stated by most influencial media’s like Techcrunch and Mashable.

  2. Access Data Point Reply

    Awesome blog, I’m going to spend more time researching this subject, thanks for sharing.

  3. Edward Reply

    Gosh, I’ve never looked at Pinterest from a business point of view. Thanks!

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks edward..yes pinterest is very good in upbringing businesses and reaching out to a larger audience :D

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