LastPass One Time Password Manager: Autologin with just one click

Today we are going to review LastPass One Time Password Manager which is a password organizer for website logins. It autogenerates all your credentials when you visit a site namely the Username and Password fields. It is compatible with all the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari Opera and Internet Explorer.


I for one am a very forgetful person and can’t remember passwords just by recalling them. Thanks to large number of social networks available on the web, remembering passwords for each site is no child’s game. I frankly don’t use password managers and other third party add-ons because once their database gets hacked you will be the one to pay. Just days before, my friend told me about this great software on twitter and i rushed to check what’s it all about. It is called as LastPass, perhaps you have heard about it. Anyway here’s a blown-up review of LastPass One Time Password Manager and its features which gives you just enough reasons to change your current password manager and adopt this masterpiece.


LastPass One Time Password Manager is easy to use. Just download the universal installer from the link at the end of this post and the add-on will be set up for all the browsers on your PC. At first run, LastPass will ask you to create an account and set a Master Password for your secure vault. After that just fire up any browser and click the “Star” looking app icon you see in the top right corner. Enter your Master Password you created before and now you will be logged in to your LastPass database. The icon will turn Red. Red means Logged in and Grey means not logged.

Open any website now such as Facebook or Twitter and fill in your username and password field. Immediately a drop down box will pop-up asking if you want to save your details, Save it. The next time you visit that site LastPass will automatically fill in all your details so that you will be left to just click the Login button. Its that simple.

Once you close your browser, LastPass automatically logs you out of LastPass account. Although you can also choose to stay logged in if you are using your Home PC. If you want to review all your stored passwords, just visit the Password Vault and then Edit or Delete it.


Many people have second thoughts about this software because recently LastPass’s servers were exposed to a Hack attack. As CNET states in its blog post there’s a very thin evidence that many customers accounts got breached. But then again LastPass has took all measures to reset their client passwords and restore their identity. Here are some overhauled features of LastPass that will leave you spellbound:

  • 256-bit AES encrypted passwords stored on Cloud servers
  • Use of One-way salted hashes to store a password.
  • Use of PBKDF2 high-level crypts to decode a password
  • Use of SSL for data transfers
  • Encryption and Decryption happens locally on your PC
  • You can even share your account with Friends. Presence of RSA, Crypto++ and jsbn encryption technologies just makes it even more easy.
  • Import and Export your passwords from other Password managers such as RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass etc. safely.
  • LastPass cannot access your passwords on its servers. The company states this in a humorous way “If LastPass can’t access it, hackers can’t either.”


LastPass is absolutely FREE. Enjoy all the features by paying nothing. LastPass also has a Premium version of the software which gives a little extra features such as Access Passwords from USB keys, One-time Passwords which logs you in all your sites by a special LastPass encrypted password, Virtual Keyboard and Identity control. LastPass can be installed on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems and has a multi browser support. LastPass is also available for all your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc. Check it out here.

Click LastPass to visit the official website and download LastPass One Time Password Manager’s universal installer.

So how did you like this review about LastPass One Time Password Manager? Did you try it yet? If so, please tell us by a comment.

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  1. Shiva @ Money Making Ideas Reply

    Hey Gautam,
    Lastpass really seems to be quite a great way of managing password. I had heard quite a lot about Lastpass but never really felt a need for using it but after reading this review of yours, I am currently downloading the application since I too tend to forget my passwords a lot.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanx a lot for your first comment, shiva. i m sure lastpass will prove to be very helpful for you. hav a gud day! :)

  2. allexU Reply

    I have been using LastPass for about a year now and I am very satisfied with this tool very helpful with me and with my work to make it more easier. I easily forget passwords but this one keeps my secret password and others, unlike to any other auto-filling tools LastPass things happened in just one click.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      it sure is alex. being a free software it provides us with so much benefits…i use it everyday! :)

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