LED technology in cars – Application of LEDs in car headlights

Today we will discuss LED technology in cars. Louie who is an car expert and marketeer will give us a short walkthrough of how LEDs seen in car headlights actually came into being and the applications of it in the car market industry.

Cars have been around for more than a hundred years and have been getting better all the while. One would think that with all this development most refinements now would be marginal. But every now and then exciting new technologies emerge that bring about whole new possibilities. And this is what LED headlights are set to do.

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But you may ask why LED technology in cars are having such a big impact all of a sudden. After all LEDs have been around for decades. And LED tail lights themselves have been around for a long time now. Well you would have noticed that LEDs were around for a long time before they found use as light sources for tail lights. And the time taken to be used as a light source for headlights has been even longer. This is because the amount of light, LEDs could produce was too low earlier for use in automotive lighting.

And since tail lights require a less intense beam than a headlight, LEDs were used only in tail lights. But now since the advancement of LED technology in cars, they are just about achieving the levels of luminosity required for headlights.

One challenge that has to be overcome for use of LEDs as headlights is heat dissipation. LED headlights do not generate heat at the front as incandescent lamp based lights do, but they do generate significant amounts of heat at the back. And if this is not effectively dissipated then that can lead to damage to the headlights and other components in the vicinity.

But as technology develops these challenges are being overcome. The advantages of having LEDs as a light source are great which is a big incentive for the research. For example LED headlights can have banks of LEDs pointed to the side which will light up when the car is turning towards that side.

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That is a simple and elegant way of having cornering lights. LEDs also last longer, can withstand vibrations better and are economical once they reach mass production levels. They are already very successful as LED tail lights and already major upmarket car manufacturers are now offering LED headlights.

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This is a guest post by Louie Liu. Louie has been in the car aftermarket products industry for over 7 years. He enjoys being able to make people enjoy reading about technical products such as body kits & other car aftermarket products. You can learn more about car aftermarket products at his site www.ilovebodykits.com.

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    Remember, if you can’t see well enough to drive, pull off of the road completely and turn off every light in your car. Drivers have a tendency to drift toward light when visibility is limited because of their compromised depth perception.

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    I hope you can elaborate LED technology so that readers and most especially car owners will want this technology to their cars. Thank you so much.

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