MagicJack Plus review: Make free international calls through internet

Today we will do a magicjack plus review, a device with which you can make free international calls to the US or Canada through your computer’s internet. So continue and read the magicjack plus review to know more about it and how it works.

What is magicJack Plus?

magicJack Plus is a new, small USB device designed by Dan Barislow, the founder and CEO of the company behind the esteemed magicJack phone service. This device delivers service through magicJack’s private Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) network which lets consumers make high quality telephone calls through their broadband internet connection.

How much does the magicJack Plus cost?

To get in the game consumers will have to pay $69.95 initially for the magicJack Plus. A price that includes a full year of phone service. Each additional year of service after the first one, you have to pay only $29.95.

What does this price include?

The $69.95 cost of the magicJack Plus includes the first year of phone service, the magicJack Plus USB device, a USB cable, an Ethernet cable, and an AC power adapter.

How does it work?

There are many magicjack plus reviews which have shown that it is easy to set up and even easier to use. All consumers have to do is plug the magicJack Plus unit into their high speed modem or router, plug in its power adapter, and plug a telephone into the device, and then they can begin making phone calls immediately.


Before this, the consumer needs to hook the device to any computer (their own, a friend’s, or at a library) in order to register for an account and get their own phone number for incoming calls. The magicJack Plus can also be used through a computer’s USB drive.


What services are included with the magicJack Plus?

The magicJack Plus service delivers unlimited local and long distance calls to the United States and Canada along with free calls back to the US when traveing abroad. Many of the same features that are offered by your home phone service provider come with the Plus. Some of the included features are 3 way calling, 911 service, free 411 directory assistance, call forwarding, and call waiting. It also delivers voicemail service.

Are there any restrictions on calling?

With the magicJack Plus phone service, consumers can make unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the United States or Canada only.

What about international calls?

Consumers using the magicJack Plus can make international calls to many different countries, at an additional per minute cost. This cost will vary depending on the country being called. International calls from other countries to the United States are included at no additional cost.

Are there any drawbacks to magicJack Plus?

Like many products, the magicJack Plus does have its drawbacks. For instance, since the magicJack Plus requires the user’s internet to work, if there is an internet outage or power outage, you will not be able to make or receive phone calls. magicJack’s customer service is not very effective as it is chat only and attempts to help often result in scripted answers that aren’t very useful.

So how did you like this magicjack plus review? Are you using it and finding it helpful, please share your views with us.

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  1. Evelyn Duat Reply

    This is a good review about Magic Jack my friend owned this kind of device and it really so amazing. Its easy to set up and has a good calling quality.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks for your feedback evelyn :)

    • Larry Reply

      MJ+ will handle your whole house phone setup. Sometimes the sound may waver, but otherwise is very good. Plugged mine into ATT dsl modem and ac line for powerline. Plugged the phone line into MJ+ and other end into wall. it powered all phones, call waiting worked on all phones and tv’s (that had it) I setup the account for E911 service and removed the messages from being delivered to my email (loaded it up) My phone answer worked as normal. Worth the money, However if you have 2 line phones, you may have problems. If I had to start from scratch I would buy a 4 or 5 house cordless set and that would solve a lot of wiring issues and the new 6 phones operate above the 2.4gb computer/phone freq. so there is no interference between the two. Hope this helps you..

  2. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative about magicJack Plus your are cover all of point for magicJack Plus, I like magicJack Plus. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people. thanks for sharing.

  3. Shiva @ Blogging Tips Reply

    Cool man, it really seems to be a great device for people who need to make a lot of calls to the US. Although I don’t but if I come across somebody who does in the future, I am going to recommend him/her to this post

  4. edmond0925 Reply

    I didn’t know it was this good! There was a friend who was selling me one of this and I turned it down coz I didn’t believe what he was saying. Gonna have to call him!

  5. Anna Reply

    You have put so much info in this post! I have heard about this gadget but I wasn’t familiar at all. Now I think I have some basic knowledge about it, even though I am not the most high-tech person:)

  6. sojournerbill Reply

    I bought the MagicJack Plus about a week ago…I’m testing it for a while before I give up my over-priced landline with Bell….and so far it has worked flawlessly…it works with my answering machine (I set it for two rings before answering with no problems whatsoever)…and yes, you can make FREE long distance calls anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A….I’m about 99% sure I’m gonna make it my one and only phone and dump Bell….and oh yes, it sounds as good as Bell as well….;)

    • Kelly Reply

      I had the original Magic Jack and sent it back because I didn’t like the fact that my computer had to be on all the time to receive a phone call
      The new Magic Jack plus seems better
      Seems like you just plug it into your wall then plug your phone into it
      Does your internet need to be on to use Magic Jack Plus
      What about when you cancel your regular Bell Landline, are the jacks still active to use Magic Jack Plus

      • Gautam Doddamani Reply

        hi kelly yes the internet needs to be on when you are using majicjack. please refer to this magicjack faq for further answers…thank you! :)

      • DiverTed Reply

        You definitely need the internet to use th MJ. so if you have it through your cable company then no problem but if you have it using a phone line and you want to cancel your phone line in order to save money using the MJ then you have to get what you call a Dry Loop which allows you to use the phone line for internet but not pay Bell their regular monthly fee….Hope this helps…..

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          thanks for your helpful advise ted. i will definitely follow it! :-)

        • MA Reply

          Hi Ted;
          You seem to know about the magicjackplus and how it works with a dry loop. I just got mine. How do I connect it to use my dry loop number, without registering and paying for another number through magic jack? Can you email me back at for details?
          I am very confused!

    • Glen Reply

      How about incoming calls? Are they free for the personing you? locally of coarse

  7. Dave Reply

    purchased 1 month ago to replace verizon landline.good call quality,use as home land to fax after setting baud rate to lowest setting. if you want a cheap landline in house its the way to go !!!!!!! caller id, voice mail, low cost!!!!! If you want a phone for less expense you will have to go back to 2 tin cans and string

  8. Angela Ashlee Reply

    DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. OMG, the customer service is so terrible that it is not even worth it. I called them yesterday to pay them for my magic jack (of all things) and ended up fighting with them. I will be sending mine back. They are the rudest people I have ever encountered and I will NEVER use magic jack because of that.

    • Viv Reply

      I sooo much agree with you!! The worst customer service ever..and there’s no way you can reach a person through phone!! Aweful and unacceptable. If you have any questions about the product, the only choice is to wait in line for the stupid online chat where they take naps between replies!! Awefully slow and frustrating! Avoid as I did!

  9. Gary Manley Reply

    I have been using the original MJ for over a year and it ROCKS!! I haved saved SO MUCH MONEY!!!!
    Buy one and you will be very happy!! Kiss MA BELL… GOODBYE!!!!

  10. ullo Reply

    This mjp seems to be really cool. Is there any difference in call quality while on the internet? Can i wire the phone line from magic jack to the phone box outside so all the lines in the house will use the mjp? I want all the phones in the house to have access to mjp. Is that possible

    • rwf Reply

      plug it in to any phone jack then go outside open phone co. box disconnect the plug inside ( this is where the phone co. connects their phone to see if when you have trouble if its outside or in your house) then all phones inside should be able to work.

  11. Tim Reply

    Will the new magic Jack work with fax machines?

  12. solo Reply

    $29.95 a year?? its $19.95 i thought

  13. Glen Reply

    i live in a small town in BC, Canada, I am very interested in MJP, I can see I can get a local Vancouver number, How does this affect neighbour when they call me, are they going to be charged a long distance fee?

  14. MA Reply

    Does anyone know what I do regarding the mjplus and dry loop – I can make out going calls, which I am assuming are free? but cannot get incoming calls – do i need to register a number through mj first??



    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      No he probado todavía magicjack luisa. si usted tiene problemas de registro en favor consulte el FAQ de magicjack. Esperamos que resolver su problema pronto

  16. magic user Reply

    In the US there are many products that compare to this, but if you have friends or family that live outside the US there is just no comparison for the ease of use and ability to have free conversations to the US and Canada all day long.

    If you have friends or family outside the US/Canada who have a solid internet connection buy them one of these as a gift.

  17. Alaa Reply

    Avoid Magic Jack Plus

    Terrible customer service.
    Terrible customer service, you can even complain. You have one choice, throw away the device and find something else…

  18. Wheeler Reply

    I used the original MagicJack. The call quality wasn’t the best but once it was setup, making and receiving calls is just like a landline, except the computer having to be on all the time. I now have OOMA which works without a computer. It cost more than MagicJack Plus. But I only pay monthly taxes and government charges which amount to about $4.50 a month. I would have purchased th Plus if it had hit the market before I got OOMA. But to all of you asking about the
    other person calling you, there should not be any charge to them, if the call is made anywhere in North America, Canada or USA. You can purchase many other international services for you to call out. Anyone calling you internationally still has to pay for their calls to you. Save them the money and call them at the cheap rates MagicJack Plus has for you.

  19. Jim Reply

    You guys missed the boat. If you had bothered to read customer reviews on Google or Amazon, you would see a large percentage of customers have problems right out of the box. The rest of them have serious problems sooner or later when they have to chat with customer service. You get what you pay for, except magicJack will screw you for free!

  20. Hayden Ooton Reply

    One thing I would really like to say is the fact that before purchasing more computer memory, look at the machine into which it will be installed. In the event the machine is running Windows XP, for instance, the particular memory ceiling is 3.25GB. Using above this would easily constitute just a waste. Make certain that one’s motherboard can handle your upgrade volume, as well. Good blog post. Consider a visit to my webpage anytime. thanks!

  21. amerj19 Reply

    Magic Jack has recently modified its service agreement and has started charging money for some areas by asking to purchase pre-paid money. This is totally insane. This is piece of crap for me now, because I make most of the calls to such areas. Unfortunately, I paid in advance for 5 years and they don’t agree to give me a refund. I recommend not to go into trap of when they say whole US is free.

  22. Olivia Korringa Reply

    Can MagicJack be used as an outlet to send and receive FAXes?

  23. Dennis Reply

    There’s still a lot to be said for the ‘conventional’ magicJack. I’ve been using one for about 4 years, and purchased a magicJack Plus to evaluate as well. Don’t get me wrong, the Plus is great, but I like using MagicFeatures, software that adds features to magicJack, but it has to be plugged into a computer to do so. It may just seem to be a hassle to have a computer working, but consider the following additional features:
    – You can block single phone numbers, or whole groups of numbers – such as anonymous callers or callers from any toll free number. Alternately, you can let all callers through.
    – You can block all callers (“Do Not Disturb”), or you can block all calls while still letting priority callers through.
    – You can dial local numbers by dialing only 7 digits, and you can load frequently called numbers into a speed dial table.
    – Rather than logging into your magicJack account on your computer, you can control call waiting and call forwarding using your phone’s keypad.

    There are a number of other features, but you get the idea. Just be sure to plug the magicJack into a small, low power computer. The cost is low and the feature set is fairly extensive. Life is good.

  24. Buckshot Reply

    Question using MJ plus here…..When I’ on the line and call waiting beeps in why don’t we see who is calling in?
    Can anyone answer this for me?

  25. Avoid MagicJack Reply

    Avoid MagicJack Plus, while quality of the phone service is OK while the device works, the equipment is not reliable, it fails again and again. The customer service will kick you around and then kick you out. You will pay again and again for their defective products.

    Absolutely maddening and frustrating experience. I regret buying the MagicJack products immensely.

  26. Joel McColough Reply

    If your magic jack registered the first time you try, you’re in luck for a while. However it does not, you may as well toss it out. They put you “under review” for any number of stupid reasons and won’t allow you or anyone else to use that magic jack. I bought a “magic jack plus unit and was planning to switch to it at my next renewal. My son bought one to use as his main service for his first home. When we tried to register his unit, we used his credit card, which still had his old address on it. This happened on Aug 4th, 2012. After spending hours on a “chat” with their customer service, we determined that the credit card was the problem. We then tried another credit card and still could not get it registered. Magic Jack customer service said they would “put in a ticket” and the responsible department would send us an email. A week went by and nothing, so I contacted them by “chat” again. (there may have been other “chats” but so much time has passed that I don’t remember everything) After getting absolutely nowhere again after spending a long time on this chat, they again said they would “put in a ticket” and the responsible department would send us an email. So I used my magic jack that I had bought to use myself. Possibly because we used the same email address or physical address, they put that one “under review” as well. Fast forward to now, 13 weeks later. I have had many, many “chats” with them, spent countless hours trying to get my magic jacks working, and have now come to the conclusion that it will never happen. I live in Canada and have found a Canadian alternative that provides a much better deal, with no hassles and live bodies to talk to. With I bought a Grandview HT502 off the internet for $45.00 (included shipping and taxes), then paid $50.00 plus tax for some coding from freephoneline, and now I pay nothing ever again except 2 cents per minute for US long distance and any remote area of Canada not served by the main phone companies. I doubt I’ll ever pay more than a few bucks a year for that. In addition, the sound quality is better, you can even use it for fax and modem calls and the company has been around for many years. NO MORE BILLS AT ALL and great customer service. (had to use it during setup)

    For the people in the US, the best alternative I have found is netTalk DUO. Basically same as Magic Jack, but they have good reviews and live people to “talk” to. I suspect that Magic Jack will be out of business soon. They are really pushing the 5 year package hard, so I suspect they will get as much money in as possible, then leave their customers high and dry. I recommended them to many people and got them setup, but will now be changing them over to I would not trust magic jack. We tried to return the second unit to Tiger Direct, but they will not accept returns for Magic Jack. Anything else they will, but not Magic Jack. Does that tell you something? 13 weeks now and not one email for either unit! New! Just found out that people in the US can use google voice with an OBItalk unit for a FREE phone line that is much better than Magic Jack. Still free US and Canada calling and amazing call handling. No yearly fees at all.

    You can even port your number to Google voice. I complained to BBB and Magic Jack still has not sent me an email. As I write this last bit it is Jan 17th 2013. I tried to register the Magic Jacks on Aug 4th 2012. They STILL have not sent me an email. However they did respond to the BBB. I will send you a copy of the BBB report if you like. Just email me at The last company in the world I would deal with is now Magic Jack!

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