Microsoft revealed Windows 8, touch screen tablets to be the future!

Microsoft revealed Windows 8 to the public, says its designed for tablets. In 2007, Microsoft faced major setback with the dismal failure of its claimed to be advance operating system Windows Vista.

Vista was followed by Windows 7, which was applauded in comparison with Vista, by the critics and users alike. After Windows 7, Microsoft has announced a new operating system called Windows 8.

This OS is not only designed to enhance the overall user experience but will also power competitors of Apple iPad.

According to division president Steven Sinofsky, Windows 8 has been specifically designed to serve the changing market scenarios in which touch screen tablets will be the future.

The tide of the Tablets

The first look of Windows 8 was unveiled last week at the BUILD conference in Southern California. According to the official statement, Microsoft revealed Windows 8, which brings in new range of capabilities without compromise. The whole emphasis is on the touch screen based formatting. The new OS is designed in such a way that all kinds of commuters can be controlled with taps and swipes of screens. It allows for simultaneous application functionality and file synchronization across all Windows 8 devices. Ranging from 10 inch tablets to laptops and big screen high definition desktops.

Sinofsky believes that Windows 8 will silence all the critics, who are past lambasted microsoft for ceding the tablet market to Google’s Android and Apple. It is important to note that Apple’s iPad is still the market leader.

Microsoft has also made significant changes in its strategy. The first of those changes is to let independent developers work on applications for Windows 8. Microsoft gave tablet computer prototypes to 5,000 BUILD attendees to allow them to get their hands on the software.

The art of redesigning

Experts see this move as a direct threat to the market dominance of Apple. Though Google Android is also a major player, but currently the fight seems to be between Microsoft and Apple. The designers of Windows 8 believe that their software is at an advantage, as it is a redesign from ground up. The developer copies are already available on various websites.

Microsoft revealed Windows 8 but it still has to go through several stages before a more polished version is made available to the makers for installation in devices. As part of the company’s policy, Windows is open to feedback from developers.

The live features

Windows 8 also compliments the live applications that Microsoft offers through its website. The idea is to strengthen internet based networking and functionality. As per the official statistics, more than 543 million people sign up for window’s live services. These services include Hotmail, SkyDrive file storage and Xbox gaming. This is going to first Windows operating system that is offering such seamless integration with internet, in the past Microsoft have been criticized for lagging behind in this arena.

Microsoft revealed Windows 8 but has declined to predict or come up with any release date for the final version of Windows 8. According to the designers of Windows 8, there are still many glitches within the system. There are still many unresolved issues with the hardware. On a test run it was found that it runs smoothly on Intel’s second generation Core i5 processor. However it also gets hot, has a noisy fan, and its three hour battery life is not impressive.

Right now none of the big hardware manufactures like Intel and AMD have processors that work smoothly on tablets. Reacting to the same, Sinofsky added that as company is dedicated to quality, not the date. He further stated that at the moment all the energies are devoted to building the best application for the users.

So how did you find this story to be? Please comment as to what the future holds for us, will Windows 8 prove to be a successful product from Microsoft or will it not turn out to be the very product Windows users were on the lookout for?

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  1. beautyChristia Reply

    OMG!!! A very brilliant idea of putting everything in a tablet.. can’t wait to have them soon..

  2. Swamykant Reply

    Windows 8 look is awesome. It will be best OS for tablet and tought competitor for android and iOS.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      yea i wil be expecting a lot of positive results from microsoft side this time! steve ballmer is very serious :D

  3. Robert Reply

    Windows 8 is no nonsense operating system, it was hilarious when the android powered devices were compared to laptops. But with Win 8, you can and Microsoft will deliver.

  4. CJ Reply

    Excellent Article! Lots of good information.

  5. The Best Gaming Apps Reply

    It’s nice to finally see a version of windows optimised for touch screens, I have windows 7 on a touch screen pc and its a nightmare to navigate. Windows 8 seems to ba based on windows phone 7 which is also great. I have a Windows Phone 7 HTC and I love it

  6. windows 7 serial Reply

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    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi thanks a lot for your compliment! i am using dreamhost for hosting my site…we do not have an affiliate link! you can check out and yea its servers are pretty fast! :)

  7. schill39 Reply

    Awesome operating system. Windows is very brilliant of creating Windows 8. I can’t wait to have it. Great job for windows.

    computer tablet reviews guru

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