Microsoft Socl gets a New Look – An all new Minty Green Interface

Microsoft Socl gets a new look, and a whole new interface. The Socl team has completely overhauled the social network, and the homepage too. As we all know Socl is the social network which was released to a limited audience just last year, at which time we had already started issuing some Socl invites.

Since then Microsoft has been making small improvements and getting suggestions from the existing Socl users into enhancing the network, before making it public. But yesterday when i visited the Socl homepage, i was astounded by the new changes.

Instead of blabbing about how good it is, let’s peek in and go through some of the brand new features introduced in socl.

Microsoft socl gets a new look

1. Socl Goes Green

No i do not mean the term green concerning eco-friendly, but the meaning here is the color. Including logo, and all the buttons and UI, Socl sports a new color, and that’s light minty green. The Socl logo and favicon was previously dark blue in color, but recently they have turned it green, and it looks all the way better.

2. An all new Homepage

Instead of a static homepage, inviting you to try the new social network, Socl has made it more dynamic by streaming the users updates in a timely fashion. All the Socl users posts are fetched and displayed on the homepage, which makes it more interactive. You can keep scrolling down below, and the posts keep coming.

The posts are arranged in two columns. The homepage displays five links at the top namely posts, interests, people, me, parties. Just down below you will find the login links, with which you can sign into the network using your Facebook or Google account.

3. A Neat Profile Page for Everyone

As soon as you sign in, you will land on to the all posts feed. At the right top most corner you will see your profile icon along with the notification count. Clicking the notification icon will drop down a box moving the post content below. This is truly an unobtrusive way to check out all your notifications, since it doesn’t block a part of your screen.

Clicking on your profile icon, you can check out all posts made by you in the past and also check out the interactions.

4. The Socl Floating Bar

Like Facebook, Socl has implemented a social bar too which gives quick links to create a new post, and other places to get around. This way you can always keep a check on the new notifications. The new post button serves as a input box too. Just copy paste an url (link to the post) or write something which interests you and hit enter.

5. Quick Hover Bio

This is one of most important features and very helpful for users. Whenever you hover over a profile icon, you will see a quick bio about that person, to be specific his Name, and his followers ratio. With this reference we can decide whether to follow or not follow the person and quickly decide if a user is spam or genuine.

6. Posts are more Prominent

Posts are arranged into two columns. They are more eye-catchy since images gain significance. As i said if you share your posts with images, people are more likely to notice it. The Socl team has also changed the font, now they are using Segoe UI as the default font on the social network, which stands out really well.

All in all i really liked the new look. The Socl team are saying the project is still in Beta mode and it may take some time till the social network will be open to the public.

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