Microsoft Xbox Live now available for your iPhone iPad iOS devices

Yes its true! Microsoft Xbox Live now available for your iPhone iPad iOS devices. With the help of a free My Xbox Live app you can now access your Xbox Live account on your favorite Apple gadget.

Microsoft recently made an interesting marketing move by introducing an app for iOS device users to provide access to their Xbox accounts. The app allows players using Apple devices to manage their Xbox profiles and communicate with other players on the platform. The ‘My Xbox Live‘ app for Apple devices is a bold move by Microsoft and a good gesture towards its rival Apple Inc.

While third party applications have been allowed to function partially alongside Microsoft earlier, this app is by far the biggest collaboration between two software giants. Windows phones by Microsoft have supported Xbox Live for over a year and initially, allowed only Windows users to gain access to their Xbox profiles. With the app now available for iOS, Microsoft could expect active participation from Apple users as well. The My Xbox Live app is currently compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Features of the My Xbox Live app

The app is available free of cost and allows the users to edit their avatars, update their user profiles and friend lists, and communicate with other players on Xbox Live. The app also exposes the user to the latest updates, videos and tips about games on Xbox. The app designed for iOS systems does not provide the same flexibility for a Windows phone as it is not an integrated part of the device. Despite the limitations, this app indicates Microsoft‘s enthusiasm to maximize its product’s availability and usage.

Microsoft’s efforts to reach larger masses

Microsoft’s approach to its users is slightly different than Apple. Instead of making customers stick to a particular brand, Microsoft is allowing its consumers to use its apps on rival platforms too. This flexibility allows the users to enjoy a better gaming experience, whether on a PC, console or even an iPhone. iPads and iPhones have a significantly larger customer base than the newer Windows Phone platform. Microsoft is taking advantage of this vast consumer base to reach more users worldwide.

The success of Xbox Live

Microsoft’s long term goals include integrating all devices used in everyday life to create a seamless experience for all its users. Xbox Live became a great success for the company. It attempted to closely integrate these components and enhance connectivity in the future. Although the app may not have been part of the initial plan of action when Xbox was launched ten years ago, the resounding success of the app is making Microsoft reconsider. Gamers can now enjoy a seamless experience by integrating their Windows or iOS devices to their Xbox and stay connected with the gaming world at all hours of the day.

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