New Samsung Apps for the Galaxy S III Line – The Complete Verdict

Ok, Galaxy S III is out. Here are the new samsung apps for the galaxy S III and our complete verdict. We will take you through the tour of what special apps have been included in the latest Galaxy S III smartphone and what are they for.

With Samsung’s new phone comes a new slew of proprietary applications. Some seem very “typical” and others somewhat interesting. I’ll break them down.


This is similar to the Motorola Moto Active app introduced with the RAZR line of phones. It takes advantage of its GPS feature and accelerometer to calculate how many calories you’ve burned and how many you’ve taken in. It saves the results in a journal format for every day use that app and spit out graphs so you can see how you’re progressing.

The Hubs

New Samsung Apps for the Galaxy S III

The key word is “socialization” and through these suites of apps you can do just that. You can share what you like and what you don’t like in any of the hubs and they stay in that hub environment.


This is your typical Music app, similar to Spotify in the sense that it saves its music to the “cloud”. This feature will be available in 7 countries and has 17 million tracks to start out with, with more coming later.  The Music Hub does feature a Music Match feature similar to the one found on iTunes, this feature is limited to 6 countries.


Nothing really impressive here, except that this will feature games tailor made to the Galaxy S III. They’ve been emphasizing “socialization” and so the games featured in their store will reflect that philosophy, think DrawSomething and Zynga type games. The one interesting thing that the Game Hub does is that when you download a game it stays inside this app and doesn’t clutter your “app drawer”.

It also remembers right where you left off and picks up from there, unlike when you exit an app completely on your Android phone. You have to go through menu upon menus to get back to where you were in a game, this will apparently use an auto-save-state like feature and put you right back into the action.


This phone will have movies and TV shows available for purchase and rent. The only possible benefit to this service over using the “Play Market” is that Samsung sets the price; that means that if Samsung has a deal with a production company, those episodes could be available the day after they air or certain Samsung sponsored movies/shows could potentially be offered at a discount. Mind you this is all speculative, but usually how companies handle private media stores.

S Voice (or Samsung Voice)

New Samsung Apps for the Galaxy S III - S Voice

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Google Voice is somewhat limited, but works well if you know the commands. This goes the more natural route a-la Siri, so you don’t have to remember “Navigate to…”, “Dial…Mobile” and the half dozen specific starter phrases that Google requires you to remember just to take advantage of the service that was built in since Android 2.0. Though there is word that the next major Google Voice update will allow for natural speech, or Google is creating a new app that does just that.

The Others

Nothing really special here, just the usual items that every phone company includes with their device such as their own takes on the Camera, Music Player, Gallery, Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, and what not; especially when they include their own “User Experience (UX)” like Samsung (Touch Whiz), Motorola (Moto Blur), and HTC (Sense) do.

My Opinion (VERDICT)

The early benchmarking for the phone wasn’t that great especially for a Quad Core device, don’t get me wrong – they didn’t suck, they were definitely 2012 worthy results, but they weren’t in the same ball park as the Tegra 3 chip found on the Asus Transformer Prime, even though both were clocked at about the same speed (1.4GHz).

So why were the results sub-par, because like most companies that incorporate their own custom skins? It usually means a lot of extra software gets preinstalled which is impossible to remove unless you root your device and install an app that removes system applications. Then phone companies pack even more useless software onto the device; this takes up RAM space and system storage space, that translates into slowing down the device and not making it as fast as it could potentially be.

I remember when I got my Droid Bionic it had 3 or 4 pages of apps on it without me doing anything, and each page holds 20+ Apps, so out of the 80 or so apps only about 10 were necessary/useful and the others were taking up space and killing the battery life.

Luckily, we live in an age where a day before the device is released it has been rooted and a couple of days later it’s available on such great sites like for the general public to use (at their own risk), once that’s done you can uninstall them or install a custom rom that is either a stock Android 4.0 rom or a stripped down Touch Whiz rom.

Do you know of any other new samsung apps for the galaxy S III that you have found to be amazing? Share with us in the comments!


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