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How To: Clear Duplicate Apps listed in your Mac Open With Menu

Here is a tutorial on how to clear duplicate apps listed in your mac open with menu easily. Have

Google Plus Releases New Follow Buttons For Your Websites

Subscribing to your site on Google+ just become more easy. Google plus releases new follow buttons, so that webmasters
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Digg Reader is Certainly the Ultimate RSS Reader You Will Ever Have

Don't you agree with us, that digg reader is certainly the ultimate rss reader available right now? From the
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Potluck is One of a Kind Link Sharing Social Network

Did you know potluck is one of a kind link sharing social network which was launched recently? With the

Why Feedly Cloud is the Best RSS Replacement App for Google Reader?

Here is why we consider Feedly Cloud is the best rss replacement app for google reader and you right
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99fiction The New Social Network for Creative Story Writers

Have your heard about 99fiction the new social network for creative story writers. I guess you are already fed

Facebook Hashtags – The Innovation of Twitter now on Facebook

You heard it right. Facebook Hashtags are now live and are enabled for most of its users. Facebook as

Google Tells You “What To Do With Your Account After You Die!”

Google has recently launched a new feature, called Inactive Account Manager, and as Google puts it, " It Plans

Giveaway: Win 3 Premium Kepard VPN Accounts of Unrestricted Speeds

Get a chance to win 3 premium kepard vpn accounts offering you unlimited traffic and speeds. I was fortunate

HipChat Instant Messaging Tool launches for Linux with Emoticons

Hipchat instant messaging tool launches for linux, with a native client, support for system notifications and emoticons. HipChat is