Potluck is One of a Kind Link Sharing Social Network

Did you know potluck is one of a kind link sharing social network which was launched recently? With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where sharing too many links is considered spam, Potluck has thought of an idea where link sharing could just be made more fun!

What is Potluck?

On Potluck people share cool links they find on the internet. Yes its as easy as copying and pasting the link from your browser’s address bar and clicking the Post button.

Josh Miller, founder of Potluck says,

A house party on the internet,” Potluck is a place to talk about cool things your friends find on the Internet, and hang out with interesting people they know.

potluck is one of a kind link sharing social network - Your friend activity

With the help of Potluck, you can find cool new sites and content which your friends think are interesting. Try to think of it this way, its more like StumbleUpon but in here, you will be already be knowing what site you will be stumbling upon. Doesn’t make sense, eh? Hehe.

How Potluck Works?

Basically your Potluck profile consists of a Friend Activity tab and a Notifications tab. In Friend activity tab you can view what links your friends are sharing currently. Remember you won’t know who shared a link until you click on it since you will only see the title of the link along with its URL in the Friend activity stream.

Find a link interesting? Click on it and a page will open right beside it giving you a detailed view (Potluck has a word for it, they are called Rooms) of the link. Here you can read a short gist of what the link is all about or in blogger’s words “meta description of the link” and also check out which of your friends and, friends of friends shared the link.

You can favourite it (heart it) or add a comment (chime in) too. While adding a comment, you can also mention your friends name, so that they will get a notification that someone has tagged you (just like in Facebook).

That’s pretty much everything you can do on this social network!

In addition its a nice way to meet our friends of friends who share a similar interest as we do. You can view their profile, check out mutual friends between you two, find out who he frequently interacts with (talks to) or if you like his T-Shirt, add him as your friend! ;)

potluck is one of a kind link sharing social network - add a friend

Potluck even has its own button which we can place on to our Bookmarks bar and use it to quickly share pages we find interesting.

Although a nice way to pass off time, it would be such a drag if we couldn’t do the same using our smartphones. Potluck has plans to release an iOS app in the coming weeks, but there is no news of an Android app in development.

TheNextWeb regards Potluck as a casual social network, and seeing how minimalistic the interface and its functionality is, lets hope it doesn’t shutdown because of that.

If you happen to wandering around on Potluck, do add me as your friend! Over to you. What do you think about Potluck? Let us know your views.

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