Preloaded Ubuntu Laptops all set to compete against Windows

Did you know that preloaded ubuntu laptops all set to compete against windows with the partnership of Dell? Windows is gaining a lot of rivals lately. Microsoft‘s Windows, the largest selling OS of the world with 88% market sales, can be under threat in sales from the market upcoming competition Ubuntu, the Free OS.

Dell’s Strategy to take over the Competition

Ubuntu, which is a Flavor of Linux, is all set to enter Indian Market of Desktops and Laptops with Dell with the help of Canonical, a UK based company that sponsors it.

Preloaded ubuntu laptops all set to compete against windows

Ubuntu is preferably used for cloud computing but recently its large growth for personal computing has been seen.

Dell has partnered with Canonical and had been successfully selling Ubuntu based devices in China and now have entered in India recently. The partnership with 850 stores of Dell has been already started with the sales of Preloaded Ubuntu PCs and laptops from this month onwards.

What Advantages Do You Get With Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a great platform for coding, designing and have ample opportunities for in the upcoming time when multi-core android device that runs on linux-kernel would collaborate with these devices. However the main target buyers are primarily the Students in India, hence the success is dependent on them.

Also to the added fact that universities all across India are adopting Linux-OS so as a cost cutting measure comparing to the rather costly option, “Windows”.

For newbie, they can try out Ubuntu features by installing it along with the windows on their computers, using special software provided by ubuntu’s website that takes care of making partitions and other technicalities in simple steps.

For business or advanced user, cloud services can be established for enhanced networking and data management.

In India, Dell would initially set to sell Ubuntu devices which would include primarily Dell Inspiron 14R & 15R.

Dell is the first company which came up with the Idea of introducing the free OS in their machines, however it would not close the sale of Windows based laptop for those users, who still prefer it over any other operating system.

By introducing Ubuntu, Dell could easily study the market condition and the response of the consumers. Hence it can be evaluated as truly a tactical scheme for the test of Ubuntu in Indian market.

A closer look, Windows VS Ubuntu

Expectation & Future in India:

Ubuntu Devices would sought good profits & will bring better customer experience.

With large number of educational Institutions all over in India have already started working on Ubuntu operating system for students, therefore there would be no extra efforts in getting along with it. Moreover big Universities like University of Delhi currently uses Ubuntu in more than 10,000 PCs for their technical courses in various colleges, user interface is likely to have no problem for adaptation.

Ubuntu is also in development with the multi-core android devices which would hit market in the following year.


This guest post has been written by Vaibhav Panwar. Vaibhav is a computer engineering student from pune & occasionally blogs about technology for college students. He is very passionate about technology trends and loves to google all day. Visit his blog.

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  1. Pratyush Nalam Reply

    Many people are still scared about Ubuntu. It is a different OS and a different paradigm. This was done earlier too by Dell before it was scrapped because people returned the laptops saying “we don’t know how to use it, give us Windows”. Time will tell.

    And now even Windows is same on phone and desktop with Windows 8

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      yea only programmers and enthusiasts actually know what ubuntu is and how it will take time to increase its awareness among everyone :)

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