PressReader Newspaper App for Android Review and Initial Impressions

Here is a fresh look at Pressreader newspaper app for android, already regarded as a major app these days to follow news and your favorite celebrity gossips on the go.

What is PressReader?

Pressreader is an app developed by the people at NewspaperDirect Inc., it is a publication service and a content aggregator with which you can subscribe to newspapers and magazines of any country and enjoy reading them on your favorite device.

This app was first launched early last year, but only recently it has been getting popularity. Lately i got a chance to review this app and here are my tidbits about what’s best and why this app is many people’s favorite.

For now i am going to review this app for Android only, but if you want me to make a review on any other platform please pass it in the comments. First let me tell you that Pressreader supports a wide variety of smartphones i.e Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and its also available for Windows and Mac.

Setting up PressReader on Android

Installing Pressreader on Android is as easy as just going to the Play Store and searching for pressreader. The developer should be NewspaperDirect. Currently there are two versions of Pressreader for Android, the first one is for Gingerbread mobile devices and the second one is for Honeycomb tablet devices. Choose which suites you the best.

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After installing you should Authorize your device. For that you need the credentials of your PressDisplay account, just enter your e-mail address and password and you are good to go. If you haven’t registered already go to and register for a free account and enter those credentials when you open up the Pressreader app.

After authorization, you can select your Country by pressing the Countries button and selecting your country. Now you will see a list of publications and magazines available in your country. Just click on any one of them and the app will begin to download the newspaper. After the download is finished you can view it your saved publications in the My Library folder.

PressReader Features

Want to view the newspaper? Just click on it! Initially you will be presented with Reading Tips which gives you a short introduction on how to move around in the app. Pinch to zoom feature is supported and to change stories you can just swipe on your touchscreen. We can also switch to Upfront view to get a quick glimpse of all the stories.

The Pressreader app also has an option to turn on the voice reading feature which basically is a fantastic addition. If you don’t like reading and straining your eyes, you can click on the sound icon and a female voice will read out the news for you. Isn’t it helpful and time-saving?

Here are some newspapers i downloaded, the download speed depends on your data connection. I am also attaching some screenshots so that you can get a closer look on how the app’s interface is.

A few Cons

While reading newspapers i found trouble reading the characters on the page, even if you zoom it takes quite sometime to display the words legibly but i think it depends on your data speeds and as i am using a 2G connection, page rendering is quite slow. Another flaw that i found in the app is it force closes very often. I am hoping there are no problems on iPad, this problem only exists on the Android app and i am sure they will soon release a bug free version.

I have dropped a word to the developers but if you want to join the conversation, you can head over to the blog from the links given below.

PressReader Subscription Plans

At first the app is free i.e. the first 7 issues are free to download. After that you get charged $0.99 for every download. If you want a monthly plan you should pay $29.95 per month, after that you can download as many publications you want for a month.


I personally feel that Pressreader is simply worth a try. If you are an avid reader you can as well go with the monthly plan and enjoy your daily subscriptions. The interface is very easy to use, and i get to read my favorite magazines on the go. Although the prices are a little high, i prefer the casual plan i.e. $0.99 per download as i am not such a heavy reader and don’t travel much. CNET has already regarded Pressreader as the No.1 newspaper app for the iPad.

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