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HTTP Cookies

We sometimes collect additional data using browser cookies. Sometimes when you click certain buttons, a cookie is stored in your browser so that the next time you visit our site, your preference will be saved.

We also use cookies for security. Such as when you are logging in to our site, a cookie is placed in your browser, so that the next time you log in again, our site can confirm your identification.


All the Ads you see on our Blog are being provided by Google Adsense. We use the Adsense program primarily to gain money from this blog. Google Adsense uses the DART Cookie system to serve you relevant ads based on your interests.

If in future, we change our Ad Provider or would like to include new ads from other Partner Sites, we will make sure to update this Privacy Policy.

Outgoing Links

Sometimes we link to external sites when we are asserting a quote made by a person. At times, if we think a certain article is recommended to our readers, we also take time to share the link of that page in our Blog posts, by putting a ‘refer’ or ‘source’ attribution wherever necessary.

Also, if we have shared a code with you, we always make sure to credit the original author where we heard about it!

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We use various subscription forms and email subscription widgets on this Blog. These subscription forms will ask you for your e-mail address so that we can send you, our regular feed updates and weekly newsletters at the e-mail address you provided.

You can, at anytime, opt out of our subscriptions by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the Newsletter or your preferred Feed service.

While commenting also, we ask for your e-mail address so that the next time we reply to your comment, you will know about it!

We will at no cost disclose these e-mail addresses to third party people and services.


Please provide your real name and e-mail addresses while commenting. Comments with a fake name and email address will directly land up in our spam box. We use various measures to keep the spam comments at bay and always appreciate genuine comments and creating meaningful conversations with our readers.

Policy Change

The aforementioned policies can change without prior notice. These policy changes are renewed occasionally and improved to help us serve you better.

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