Recover lost BSNL username and password!

Hello friends. I was completely cutoff from the internet yesterday because i had lost my BSNL username and password. I have a BSNL Broadband internet connection and presently on a 750 monthly plan.

I got a Authentication failure error when i tried to access the internet. Immediately i contacted the Tech Support guys and they told me that i will soon be contacted from the backend people. They also continued to tell me to check my Upstream and Downstream rate. I got tired from their careless customer assistance and tried to find my own way of solving the problem.

To avoid these kind of situations you should always keep bsnl username and password safe with you. BSNL username and password is only provided to you once at the time of installation, if you change it yourself you will get a Authentication error. If you would like to change your bsnl username and password you should make a request to the bsnl guys and then they will change it for you.
Here is a quick tutorial for you guys who are finding trouble remembering their BSNL username and password.


Never reset to your default settings from the Management>Settings tab. If you do you will trigger a immediate change of password and then you can never know what your original password was unless you contact the Tech people. I found out this the hard way. You should always use that as a last option when things don’t look pretty good. Now to safely recover the forgotten username and password, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and goto Type admin in both the boxes.

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced Setup->WAN tab. Now look for PPPoE in the Protocol column and then click Edit button in that row. In the State column you will probably see “Authentication Failure” written instead of “Enabled”!

Step 3: Click Next until you reach PPP Username and Password Page. Leave this page untouched and proceed further.

Step 4: Download IECacheView. Its a file for opening the cached files from Internet Explorer. Just unzip it in the Program Files folder.

Step 5: Open IECacheView.exe. Wait for it to load all the cached files. Press Ctrl+F. In the Find dialog type pppoe , after you locate it, right click the file and select Open Cache Sub-Folder.

Step 6: In the window that opens find again for that cache file pppoe. Now open that file in the Notepad. In the Notepad, press Ctrl-F and type pppPassword. Now you will see pppUsername.value and ppp.Password.Value. Copy the values inside the single quotes and paste it in the PPP Username and PPP Password boxes on the page that i told you in Step 3. Click Next and click Save at last. Now reboot your router.

Your settings will be successfully saved and the next time you open Internet Explorer you will see your homepage.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Now that you know how to change your bsnl username and password safely, please do drop a comment to share your views and in case you need further assistance.

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  1. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Wow, thanks for useful info.

  2. MME Reply

    Hi, this is a very useful information, thanks for aware about this.

  3. Anish K.S Reply

    i forgot it, bcz me now using unlimited. so no worry to check usage.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      oh cool. i too use BSNL unlimited. i think unlimited is the best option coz i got 6,000 penalty when my usage hiked when using the 250 plan! :( but now its gud. :)

  4. TechGopal Reply

    ohh really thanxx ..
    i hv configured my modem last 2 years ago & now i lost my password . Still I have no problem so I never think about that but now going to get my password back .Thanxx for such well explained article…….
    I have 900 unlimited plan with 4 mbps speed …..

  5. sarath bala Reply

    quite a useful one, thank you!
    I had a confusion that I had lost the ppp username and password. BECAUSE I reset it pressing it’s hard reset button! it’s username became multiply, and password became something else i cant see.
    but when I assumed one and set it in wan config. the authentication error has gone and I can surf through the internet!
    is that means that was the real username or password?
    I’m sorry, if I am being idiotic, but i am rather confused!!!!

  6. manish Reply

    i dint find the pppoe in the iecache now wat to do?

  7. kartikay Reply

    can you please explain the same thing for finding bsnl username from chrome browser

  8. selvakumaran Reply

    hi i tried this but in the cache view i am not able to find the ppoe file pls help me

  9. madhan Reply

    Im using a Dlink 2730U modem. Internet stoped working all of a sudden. i checked for the diagnostics with DLink tech support which clearly says ISP authentication FAIL.
    i tried to solve it by getting the username n password form BSNL customer care 1504.
    Username is like first two letters of ur name followed by ur phone number with std code excluding first letter of std code. .i.e. like “ma4422671098″ and password is “password”.
    but it never worked.
    i even tried reinstalling the firmware of the DLink modem with the help of their techsupport and reseting the bsnl username and password by bsnl customer care.
    Guess, BSNL is forcing me to buy their modem. ! ! !

  10. joel Reply


    I need to recover my old password, its been two years and the password has been lost, though i sortoff remember the username

    I currently own a bsnl router modem, now I have bought a NetGear Router Modem.

    I believe I would require the username and password to setup the NetGear Router modem.

    So I stumbled upon your site, but am having issues following ur steps. Please help out.

    1)I keyed in and gave admin admin as username and password

    2)I tried to follow ur steps, but am not able to find the Advanced Setup->WAN tab

    3)after exhaustively searching through the entire menu system was not able to find PPPoE in the protocol column(couldnt find any column by the name of protocol as well, if u literally mean it)

    Thanks for your help



  11. Muralikrishna.G Reply

    Great!!! thank you very much for this useful information

  12. shenoy Reply

    Hi! thanks for the info. great help. many many thanks!

  13. Passsy Reply

    Saved my day!! Thank you!

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