Resolve Facebook App February 2013 Breaking Changes issue

Here is how you can resolve facebook app february 2013 breaking changes issue easily. Recently when i logged into my facebook account, i received a developer alert that my app needs to be updated.

Apparently this issue was because of the February 2013 breaking changes coming in Facebook. These changes were first announced in November of 2012 itself and it has come into effect as proposed. Some of the the changes that this update will address are:

  • End of custom actions for content consumption
  • Authenticated referrals going away
  • Canonical URLs when fetching Open Graph objects
  • Removing ability to post to friend’s walls via Graph API
  • Curly bracket syntax for mentioning users in notifications going away
  • Offset parameter no longer allowed when searching for posts, etc.

According to the blog post,

The following change will go into effect on February 6th, 2013:

End of custom actions for content consumption
We will no longer show Custom Open Graph actions that were published simply by a user consuming content. If you own one of these actions and it was previously approved, you will have received an email from us. Developers should stop publishing these actions as doing so will return an error starting February 6th. The only actions that can be published upon a user simply consuming content are built-in actions.

For the complete list of changes, please check out the Developer Roadmap for 2013.

Now on to the topic on how to resolve this issue.

Step 1: Sign in to Facebook Developers and select your app.

Step 2: Now click the Edit App button, after which you will land on the Settings page.

Step 3: Here click the Advanced section and scroll down to the Migrations box.

screenshot on how to resolve facebook app february 2013 breaking changes issue

Step 4: Look for the February 2013 breaking changes option, and select the Enabled checkbox.

Step 5: Finally click on Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it, now you should receive another Developer Alert in your inbox saying, your app is now compliant with the February 2013 breaking changes migration.

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  1. Isaac Sarayiah Reply

    Hi. Can someone advise me. I have the FB like and share button installed on my blog , but recently I have been getting a notification by FB saying that I haven’t enabled migration forthe July 2013 Breaking Changes.

    It says I am using the following deprecated features:

    “Social Plugins (Like Button, Like Box) without absolute URL’s in their `href` parameter.

    These changes will be permanently enabled for all apps in 58 days on Wednesday, 10 July 2013.”

    I have no idea what I need to do and whether my FB Like and share buttons will still work after 10th July.

    I am grateful for some assistance.
    Kind regards

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi isaac you can take care of that problem in the same way i have mentioned in the post for february..just go to and click on the your app..from the settings box click on edit settings and here click on (settings) advanced sub option in the left sidebar..scroll down until you see migrations and then click on the enabled radio button where it July 2013 breaking changes…finally save the changes…the alert will go off! :)

  2. Isaac Sarayiah Reply

    Hi Gautam
    Thank you for your reply. But just to clarify – yes that will turn the alert off, but will my FB like and share buttons still work after July 13th? Is there any code changes I need to make or is it simply the case – as you suggest – of hitting the enabled button?
    Kind regards

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi isaac your plugin is already compliant with those changes…its just a Facebook warning to enable the migration…nothing to worry about…a WPMU dev has suggested the same…here’s his say…check out this WPMU forum

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