Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 releasing in Australia even after lawsuit!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 releasing in Australia regardless of Apple’s lawsuit. Apple and Samsung companies are in a war because Apple says that Samsung has stolen its ideas of the Tab and incorporated in its own. Lets hear the full story.

If the patent war between Apple and Samsung could be likened to a boxing match, then Apple has just won a round.

Following Apple’s request, the Federal Court in Australia has prevented Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 releasing in Australia, at least temporarily by issuing an injunction.

Apple has claimed that Samsung has copied features and designs of its patents. Annabelle Bennett of Federal Court, who presided over the case, observed that Apple had provided sufficient evidence to corroborate its claims. The outcome obviously has severely dented Samsung’s aspirations of making forays in the Australian market as it stares at the possibility of aborting the launch of its Galaxy Tab 10.1. Needless to say, Apple stands to gain the most from the injunction.

Did Samsung copy patents?

It is extremely difficult to conclude, given that spokespersons from both Apple and Samsung remain reluctant to give away anything more than approved information (which do not reveal much). Also, the ruling by the Federal Court is an injunction, which only temporarily prevents samsung galaxy tab 10.1 releasing in australia. Only a full hearing, which will follow the injunction, can offer something conclusive. Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out over patents since April this year.

A German court had permanently banned the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany in September. Samsung had offered to launch an abridged version of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia till the final hearing on the case was completed. Apple, not surprisingly, had declined the offer. It is difficult to say whether an abridged version is an acceptance of infringement by Samsung or a strategy to avoid delaying the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 releasing in Australia any further.

What are the implications of the injunction?

Prima facie, Samsung stands to lose a lot financially because of the injunction. Samsung claims that it will have to scrap Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 releasing in Australia because the release will miss the Christmas season. Galaxy Tab 10.1, at its present form, may be considered obsolete if it is released after Christmas.

According to Foad Fadaghi, the research director of the analyst firm Telsyte, the injunction will severely impact Samsung’s hopes of capturing Australian market. Foad Fadaghi adds that the injunction may also impact the growth of the Android operating system in Australia. However, he adds that the global adoption of Android may not be impacted because of the injunction.

The brouhaha over patents is going to continue across countries and no conclusion can be expected soon. Simply speaking, this is all about business and revenue. Both Apple and Samsung are market leaders and have aggressive intent to capture promising markets. Business rivalries between corporations are long-drawn, bitter and strategically designed. Apple has been the biggest beneficiary of the injunction as this has wiped out any credible competition in the Australian market for its products, albeit briefly.

Latest news suggests that Samsung has plans to release the Tab in Australia after everything. The new Galaxy tab for the Australian market will be released separately. Although the release dates are not yet clear.

From a narrower perspective, fans of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia may have to make do without it, at least for the time being.


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