Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: First Chromebook

Recently Google I/O 2011 was held and there were a lot of surprises for us. One of the biggest was the unveiling of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. It is obviously the first chromebook as only Samsung and Acer are the major companies who will be producing it.



Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has a 12.1 inch SuperBright display giving out a 1280×800 resolution, weighs at 3.3 pounds, is powered by Intel Atom N570 dual core 1.66GHz processor with 2GB RAM and a 16GB mSATA Solid State Drive. Although the display being vibrant, engadget tells us that the panel when tilted far forward has a tendency to automatically close the lid.



The major talked about feature in this chromebook is its awesome booting time. The machine starts up from a cold boot in just 8 seconds. That being said, the figure is lower than Ubuntu’s boot time i.e. 10 seconds. This instant-on functionality is very useful for businessmen as they can be connected online in just a matter of seconds.



Its physical dimensions measures at 11.6 by 8.6 by 0.79 inches. It is very compact and grips in your hands very comfortably. For the Cr-48 users there’s a bad news…the battery is non-removable. As for the good news, the ‘Power Plus’ battery technology boasts of lasting 8.5 hours when in active use and 5 hours on straight video. As for ports, the Chromebook features 2 USB ports one on the left and the other on the rear right, SDHC card slot and SIM card slot on the front, and a 3.5mm headphone jack which also acts as a microphone. There’s also a provision for video out socket and a dev mode switch which can be used for jailbreaking. For video chatting purposes the Chromebook is integrated with a 1-megapixel Webcam.


Looks are one of the eye-catching features of this Chromebook. The first thing you will gaze upon is the cute Chrome logo embossed on the lid, so you will never get confused whether that’s a laptop or a chromebook. When you open the lid, that’s where you will cry out WAO! Samsung has given the chromebook a sleek new look, sporting it with a chiclet keyboard and a large trackpad. PCW explains us how the keyboard is very comfortable to type upon. The trackpad is also believed to be very smooth and spacious. The function-keys located on the top are replaced by the browser shortcut keys such as (Page Back, Page Forward, Refresh, New Window,) etc .


Another major thing about the Chromebook is its File Manager, it is very user-friendly. PC World guys got to experience the usability by plugging in a USB drive and exploring the  file contents right in the Chrome browser. As soon as it was hooked up, a new tab popped up where the files could be viewed easily. As for the cons, the file manager cant copy files, cant run Skype or Photoshop.


Samsung Chromebook seems a nice and elegant device. As fas as we have seen the performance is very good and it isn’t lagging in speed. The Chromebook will be a very convenient gadget for business professionals who wants things done on the cloud quickly and easily but for us power users the Chromebook wont be a suitable machine as its currently on the ground level and there’s a lot of development needed in this field.
This baby is going to be available for ordering from June 15th from the Google Chromebook store. It will come in colours of Titan Silver and Arctic White. The Samsung Chromebook will be targeted at $425 for Wi-Fi version and $499 for the 3G version.
Now its your turn to share the views. Simply drop in a comment and tell us if this is the gadget for you. Will you buy it or trash it?

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  1. Icechen1 Reply

    I love it! The chrome logo on the cover looks out of place, though. I’m a minimalist with designs.

  2. Toni Reply

    I think Samsung Chrombooks is overpriced. I hope this netbook can get under $300 with these specs

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