Seagate GoFlex revealed!

Seagate has released its newest and lightest portable drive in the market, the GoFlex Slim Performance Drive. Its first appearance was made in the CES 2011. Measuring at about 78mm in width, Seagate is claiming GoFlex to be the world’s slimmest portable drive. GoFlex is available in capacities from 320GB to 500GB. Although that’s not much considering Seagate’s Barracuda XT 3TB Desktop Drive, GB’s have already become outdated and everybody’s going for more integrated solutions such as TB Drives.
Still this is a Portable Drive and we all need data on the go, everybody cant carry a laptop or notebook everywhere we go!


We have already told you GoFlex measures 78mm in thickness, almost the thickness of a standard pencil, slidable into your pant pocket. GoFlex is 9mm tall and weighs 160 grams keeping it light and small. Seagate has not compromised in its performance while taking care of its mini design.




As for the speed and agility, Seagate GoFlex spins at 7200RPM and features the newest in Technology and innovation the ‘SuperSpeed USB 3.0′ for faster data transfer speeds which offers you a 10x increase compared to the 2.0. No need to worry if you are still used to the 2.0, the GoFlex is backwards compatible with the 2.0 ports. For faster data access on the hard drive Seagate has also installed a 16MB onboard cache.



The drive comes in three different editions: GoFlex, GoFlex Pro and the GoFlex Desktop. The difference in these three editions is that Pro comes with a 192 bit Triple DES encryption software and the GoFlex Desktop is for automatic and continuous backup solutions.



Also the GoFlex drives comes with a detachable adapter. This adapter can be used for connecting Firewire, USB 3.0 or as a eSATA connector. If you have desktop or your laptop’s internal HDDs, they too can be connected through GoFlex’s adapter and be used as a USB device with another PC. Of course, the adapter can also be used to connect other GoFlex compatible devices.




GoFlex’s compatibility with other Operating Systems is superb too. No need to reformat to HFS+ file system if you own a Mac PC, just transfer your files between Windows and MAC easily without any hassle. Supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and MAC 10.4.6 or later.




The Seagate GoFlex or ‘Freeagent GoFlex’ as its called in INDIA starts at $79.84 and comes with a 3 year Warranty.
Please comment how you feel about the new Seagate GoFlex.
Is this is a good portable device to go for or do you think something better is out there?

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