Sify MyStorage Review – A Cheap and Affordable Cloud Storage Solution

Here is a complete sify mystorage review, a cheap and affordable cloud storage solution which gets you a whopping 10GB of storage space in just Rs.175?

Cloud Storage is the real deal!

Yes, even before Steve Jobs knew what a computer was, the term Cloud Storage had come into existence. In the recent years Cloud Computing has taken a major boom in the Tech field. As the threats in the Cyber World kept on increasing, people were paranoid to leave their files unsecure, and open to hackers. The introduction of Cloud Storage was a major relief to us, and with the help of this technology, people could always find a way to access their personal files even after a disaster.

As a result market has now become more competitive than ever. People are looking for secure and reliable cloud storage solutions to save their files online without having to spend a lot of bucks. So here comes Sify mystorage to the rescue. With sify mystorage you can avail 10GB of storage space with just Rs. 175 per month.

I recently got an opportunity to test this app and here is my complete review.

sify MyStorage Reviewed to the tidbits

After creating a sify account i downloaded the sify mystorage Desktop app. The app is very small in size, 4.43MB to be exact. The installation was over in minutes and i got the Login dialog box wherein i was required to enter my credentials.

Next, i added a folder to be backed up for testing purposes. The folder name is SavedGames and size is 1MB.

On the next screen, it will ask you to specify your backup mode. If you wish you can choose to back it up locally or online on the cloud servers. Of course i chose Online mode. Optionally you can also choose to create a backup on an external media like pen drives.

This is a very nice feature i found. sify mystorage also comes with an option to schedule your backups i.e. automatic backups at specified intervals of time. I prefer active mode so when i make any changes to my folder on the hard disk, the same changes are reflected back on the sify servers.

After clicking Next, you will land on to the Manage Storage area. You can now add new backups or edit your backups over here. I decided to leave it as it is. The upload process took hardly a minute for me, as it also depends on your internet speed.

If you want to see your online files you can head back to the app dashboard. Here you can see my saved files and notice how the folder structure is. That’s called mirroring i.e. my files and folders are arranged in the same way they are stored on my hard disk.

(Click to enlarge)

All your files are uploaded using AES 256 bit encryption so your transfers are perfectly safe. As a bonus, sify also offers you a license which can be setup on multiple computers and devices. Apart from these there are a bunch of other sify mystorage features.


I found sify mystorage to be a reliable backup solution. Considering how cheap its plans are and the facilities it offers it is definitely worth a try. The interface of the app requires some minor improvements and the sify mystorage.exe process hogs a chunk of your CPU resources. I guess the next app update will give you an optimized performance. Overall i give sify mystorage 3 out of 5 stars.

If you would like to give it a try head over to this page and check it out for yourself.

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  1. Rajesh Reply

    Great! I This is really cool and something i had been looking forward too. I wanted automatic backup as my hard drive crashes regularly. I am gonna try this.

  2. mercer Reply

    TAWKLE is free safe and secure

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