T-Mobile: Top 4 Android Phones in the Market right now

Here is a list of top 4 android phones in the market right now, presented by T-Mobile. These are the devices that people are considering to buy this summer, have you compiled your list yet?

When evaluating smartphones, one thing is certain: T-Mobile offers the best of them with a wide variety of quality Android phones and the best cellular tablets available on the market. These Android phones keep users connected and linked to whatever they need a cellular phone for. Whether users want to use their phone for web-browsing, gaming, or (gasp!) talking, T-Mobile has the best Androids for any of those purposes and more. Read on more to find out which are the top 4 android phones in the market:

1. The Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II is T-Mobile’s most popular Android smartphone. This cellphone comes with a beautiful 4.52 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen to help make using the phone a pleasure. It is easier than ever to keep up with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or to text with this large screen. It is even easy to check out the latest videos on YouTube without suffering from eye strain.


The Galaxy S II comes with an 8 megapixel camera and because it’s made by Samsung, it is nearly indestructible and easy to use. The Galaxy S II comes with a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor which makes looking at graphics fast and easy.

2. The Amaze 4G

Another great Android phone from T-Mobile is the Amaze 4G. People who have used the Amaze 4G are in love with its large screen and great productivity. With this phone there is no waiting around for things to load. The Amaze 4G is sleek and slim, but it has substance to ensure that it will still be around for several years.


With 1 GB of RAM memory, this phone performs well and keeps the user from becoming frustrated waiting for items to load, or frustrated by forced shutdowns.

3. MyTouch 4G Slide

People who like the feeling of a real keyboard when using a cellphone should really like myTouch 4G Slide. With a 3.7 inch Super LCD screen and an 8 megapixel camera, this phone doesn’t lack the things every cellphone user is looking for just to give the user access to that keyboard.

The myTouch 4G Slide also has a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor to keep this phone working fast whether browsing or talking. This phone has been advertised as the best smartphone camera on the market thanks to its excellent low-light performance, the zero shutter lag time, SweepShot, ClearShot, and burst shot. This phone even rated better than the iPhone 4S.

4. The Galaxy Tab 7.0

The best Android tablet is the Galaxy Tab 7.0 from T-Mobile. This tablet comes with wireless connectivity and since it is made by Samsung, the quality of the tablet and the service from T-Mobile make it as close to perfect as can be expected. This tablet comes with plans for 2 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB, so that any user should be able to find a plan to satisfy their needs.

With a 7-inch screen, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus comes with a dual core 1.2 GHz Exynos processor that keeps browsing the web a fast and stress free part of the day. With everything going for it, it can be hard to pick out just one thing to concentrate on that makes this tablet such a great device.

But one of the best things about the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is that there is twice the internal storage compared to most competitors, and twice the RAM as most competitors making reaction times fast and storage easy and reliable.

P.S. this is not an Android phone, people who read the title of this post were considering it to be, sorry for being such a cheapshot. ;)

Why T-Mobile?

T-Mobile carries some of the best Android phones and tablets available on the market today. Customers who use these products not only love them, but they remain loyal, thanks to the great and reliable products. Of course having great phones and tablets mean nothing without great service, and T-Mobile ensures their customers can enjoy quality products and top-notch service.


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