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How To: Easily Display Tweets with Twitter API 1.1 on WordPress

Here is how you can easily display tweets with twitter api 1.1 on wordpress blog. You might already know,

How To: Copy files to a NTFS formatted drive on a Mac

This tutorial will guide you on how to copy files to a NTFS formatted drive on a Mac. We
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How To: Remove junk from your WordPress Header and gain PageSpeed

This easy guide will help remove junk from your wordpress header and keep your code nice and clean. We
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How To: Clear Duplicate Apps listed in your Mac Open With Menu

Here is a tutorial on how to clear duplicate apps listed in your mac open with menu easily. Have

How To Effectively Share Your Posts on Social Networks to go Viral

Check out how to effectively share your posts on social networks so that your content goes viral. Visually appealing
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Remove the Default jQuery included in WordPress Easily

A tutorial on how to remove the default jquery in wordpress. Many of the webmasters suffer increase in pageload
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Build Featured Posts Area without Plugin in WordPress

An easy guide to build featured posts area without plugin in wordpress. Many of my friends have asked me

Show Comments are closed box below Posts in WordPress

Easily show comments are closed box below posts in wordpress to let your readers know that comments are closed
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Disable Gravatar images on your WordPress Blog for PageSpeed

This is a simple tutorial on how to disable gravatar images on your wordpress blog for pagespeed. A few
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How to: Remove wpmp_switcher strings from your Blog URLs

Here is a guide on how to remove wpmp_switcher strings from your blog urls created by Wordpress Mobile Pack