Temple Run 2 Debuts for Android Platform with twice the fun

Temple Run 2 debuts for android devices and offers so much more fun than the 1st version. Temple Run 2 for iOS had already been released a week back. Check out what’s cool about the new Temple Run 2 on Google Play.

For those of you who loved Temple Run 1, you will not be disappointed by its sequel. The Graphics of the game have been overhauled to provide the best experience on high end Android smartphones and tablets, making full use of your mobile graphics processors.

You just need to change the visual quality from the in-game menu to Best to enjoy the smooth graphics, shadow drawing and rich textures seen in the game.


Some phones might experience choppy graphics or a laggy gameplay, in that case you might want to kill all the background processes before proceeding to play the game.

There are new obstacles in the game and achievements to unlock after completing an objective. There are also more powerups and special powers for each of your characters as given.

Along with these features you are also given some really immersive environments such as climbing cliffs, avoiding mines, running into forests and using zip lines, cool isn’t it?

You also get to collect coins and gems and to receive boost powers as in its predecessor. AS far as the gameplay goes, it is very responsive. The touch and tilt functionality is smooth and sensitive .

The Bugs that existed in Version 1 like the Back button issue have now been resolved in this release.

With more than 50k downloads in the last 24 hours, and 6.6 million fans on Facebook, this game is just too good for anyone. The game is free as always and also free of ads so that you can enjoy an unobtrusive gameplay. Temple Run 2 requires Android version of 2.1 or up.

Download Temple Run 2 for Android on Google Play here.

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  1. Mahesh Reply

    I had seen lot of young people trying to download and play this game on my phone. Didn’t know it had 50K downloads in 24 hours and 6.6 million fans in facebook. That’s awesome. Can’t really understand how these news spread faster than the light.

  2. Adam Reply

    I totally addicted to this game. The graphics of this version is better than the first one but it somewhat looks like “Temple Run – Brave”. What you say?

    BTW whats your high score? :P

  3. Salvador Reply

    This game is really addictive and I cant stop playing this game!!!!!

  4. jessica Reply

    i love this game me too cant stop playing because it’s simple and very easy to play but it’s hard to win on it

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