The New Pinterest Social Network: Socially Extraordinaire!

I guess you have heard the news. The new Pinterest social network site is now open. Here is a short review about what Pinterest is all about and how it works.

Just a couple of months ago I was invited by my colleague to sign up for an account in the social media site Pinterest. I thought this particular site has a rather interesting name, what with the ruse that the combination of the words “pin” and “interest” seems to conjure. Although intrigued, I didn’t really find Pinterest to be of interest. Still I just went ahead and signed up for an account not fully understanding what benefits I could get from it. Little did I know that there was actually more to Pinterest than meets the eye.

What’s of Interest with Pinterest?

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is exactly, it is an online pin board that lets users compile and then share interesting web pictures and images. Imagine your office or room as a cork board or maybe even a posting board that is available online. You can opt to have different pin boards which feature different topics or area of interest. This way, you won’t have trouble saving or documenting web images because you can just easily save them in your Pinterest account.

One of the best things about the new Pinterest social network is that you can actually share these pictures and images to people who are just as interested in them as you are. This provides a way for you to connect with them so that exchange of ideas and images would be really simple and effective. Say for example that your passion is cooking.


You can create a pin board for that and post some great pictures of food, drinks, or even kitchen utensils. Cooks, chefs, and even food aficionados would find your pin board interesting and will want to exchange pinned photos with you. Your network can then expand allowing you some access to more related photos and images.

How do you Create and Maintain a Pinterest Account?

In order for you to be able to sign up for an account, you need to receive an invitation first. You can get that either by asking a Pinterest member to invite you or request for one through the website. When you receive the invitation, you can then proceed on creating your own account and start pinning right away!

Once you have established your pin boards, you can then pin as many pictures and images as you can. If your pins are interesting enough, people will want to share and comment on them. As a result, you can lure in or acquire as many Pinterest friends as you can.

Pinterest deeply values each individual’s intellectual property rights. Thus, you need to make sure to give due credit and citation to private works if you’re going to pin them in Pinterest. Your account may be terminated if Pinterest management finds out that you infringe people’s artistic published works. Thus, it would be great if you can read up on what intellectual property rights is all about and what you must do in order to adhere to this law or policy.

Don’t be so quick to judge Pinterest. Yes, it may have the likings of sites like Flicker and Multiply but it brings in more benefits. Aside from that, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular and advantageous social media sites today.

Do you want to get left behind? If you don’t, then request for an invitation now, create your own account and start reaping the perks of Pinterest right away! You’ll soon discover that things can surely get pretty interesting! If you liked this article about the new pinterest social network please care to share with us your valuable comment!

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