5 Things You Need To Know before Buying a New Theme

These are the most important things you need to know before buying a new theme. Lot of people have confusion when it comes to selecting a theme for their site. Here are some useful steps i have enlisted down so that the process of choosing themes becomes easy for you.

1. Free or Premium

I am sure you have decided whether you want a free theme or a premium theme. There are lot of differences between the two. For starters you should consider if your blog is for personal use or commercial use. If it is for personal or a portfolio website, you should be good with a free theme because you are not going advertise on it.

things to know before buying a theme - premium themes

For commercial websites, a premium theme is highly recommended. Here’s why? First of all, if you use a free theme, there will be no uniqueness in your blog as there will be a million other people using the same theme. Secondly, a premium theme will be updated regularly whereas a free theme will be rarely updated and sometimes will never be updated at all, so there will be a lot security vulnerabilities and loopholes in it which can be easily exploited by hackers.

This is why its important to decide which kind of theme you had want on your website and what kind of blog (personal or commercial) will you be running?

2. Are you a Developer or a Client?

The options and procedure for selecting themes are very different for a developer and a client. If you are a developer, your budget should be more.

As a developer you will be setting up themes on your client’s sites, so you should give your client a wide variety of themes to choose from. You should operate under your client’s demands so you need to go for the developer license whenever you are ready to buy a theme package, as you will then have access to unlimited support and free updates for life. You will also be given permission to set up a theme on more than one site.

Additionally, purchasing a special package and availing club membership will also get you premium support, so you can serve your customers quickly.

On the other hand, if you are a client, choosing a theme becomes pretty easy for you. A single license will be enough for you, so that you install the theme on one site. The basic package will get you a premium theme, unlimited support and free updates. Although some theme sellers will keep the support and updates limited to 1 year, in that case spending a few more extra bucks should make it lifetime.

3. Set Your Budget

Money is a very important thing when it comes to selecting a theme. If you are ready to make an huge investment, i am sure your blog will convert faster. First things first, set your budget!

As i mentioned in the second point, your budget will differ if you are a developer or a client. The standard budget for a developer should be around $150-$200 and the budget for a client should be in the range of $70-$100.

Always make sure you purchase themes on some special occasions or when they are offering hot deals because in this time they give maximum discount to customers. You can also avail discounts using coupon codes.

Tip: You can also get a premium theme for free through giveaways. Just keep an eye for the regular giveaways going on in your community where you can try your luck.

4. Finding the right Theme Seller

There are many places where you can buy a theme on the internet but there only quite a few places where you can buy quality themes. Assessing your theme seller is also a very important step. You must already be knowing which kind of blog are you going to run.

Is it an ecommerce website, business site, landing page, technology site, or a site for entertainment? Upon reaching a conclusion to this question you can check out our post titled, best places to buy themes for your new wordpress site which will help you find the right theme seller.

5. Review and Suggestions

This is the final step. After finding the right theme seller, you should check out how good is he. How good is his support? How regularly he provides theme updates? And most importantly, how quickly they resolve customer issues?

You should do research on the internet and spend some time looking up on forums or checking out reviews. The best place should be through Facebook. Join blogging groups and theme clubs on facebook. People will have a lot of questions and i am sure your voice will be heard over there. Expert bloggers will also guide you on how to setup a theme and offer their personal opinion on theme sellers.

If you are satisfied about the quality of your theme seller after asking your fellow bloggers and experts, you can go ahead and make the purchase. Some theme sellers also offer 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked), such as DIY themes, so even in the worst case scenario, you are fully protected.

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