Top 5 Health iPhone Apps For You This 2012 – Stay Healthy on the Go!

Staying fit is very important for any individual. Here are some very helpful top 5 health iphone apps for you this 2012. iPhone isn’t just for making you life better, its for making your life more healthier too.

1. Cosmetic Dentistry Calculator

This handy little application should be on every dentist’s iPhone. It is both a diagnostic tool and a specialist’s calculator able to perform a wide variety of technical diagnostics and calculations to assist a dentist during his patient consultations. It is able to shrewdly analyze the existing width to length ratio of a patient’s teeth.

It uses well-known principles of cosmetic dentistry to determine the best dimensions for a patient’s maxillary anterior teeth. Great for planning aesthetic cases, this app also includes the comprehensive Smile Design Checklist to assist a dentist in crafting a beautiful smile for his patient.

2. Dental Tribune

For dentists who want to keep themselves aware of all the most recent news from the dental community, this app will help to keep you in the know. Dental Tribune is a free app that gives you access to the day’s most important news stories from the world of dentistry, up to the minute information on the most cutting-edge techniques and products.

top 5 iphone apps for you this 2012 - dental tribune app for iphone

A monthly eJournal will be sent to you via this app to keep you informed of all the highlights of the world of dentistry in the past month. This is no doubt an essential app in our top 5 health iphone apps for you this 2012 list and most of all completely free in the itunes app store.

3. Epocrates

Epocrates features an entire collection of apps for the medical professional to keep him as well informed as possible about the medication he prescribes for his patients. This app will help him check up on the correct dosing to prescribe, how particular drugs interact with others, and whether or not a particular treatment is covered under the health plan of a certain patient.

A patient’s entire drug treatment range can be entered and subsequently cross-checked against a huge database of information to help determine possible side effects or negative interaction.

4. ICD9 Consult

This app provides immediate mobile reference to the codes provided by the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Medical health professional will be able to easier classify the symptoms, signs, and complaints described by their patients.

Diseases can be identified quicker as well as their external causes. Any abnormalities in cases can also be more quickly identified and treated. Diagnoses can often be complex, and remembering or locating all the essential ICD9 codes can be a huge headache. Fortunately, all the complexity and hassle can disappear in a moment with the use of this app.

5. Dr. Rounds

Stay organized and keep better track of your patients with this app. Dr. Rounds provides a comprehensive interface that will help you to better and more quickly determine when each patient was last seen and for what reason. This is easily a must have in our top 5 health iphone apps for you this 2012.

It also collects any other pertinent details about the patient that you may need to know. Eliminate more paper from your daily routine and keep all your important patient data and phone numbers in one location: the palm of your hand.

Have you found this article about the top 5 health iphone apps for you this 2012 any helpful? Also let us know if you have any other good apps to add to this list. Your opinion is welcome!


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  1. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Awesome article bro, nice & good application in iphone this is very useful, thanks for sharing good update, i like your efforts.

  2. Access Data Point Reply

    Good information & nice ipad for health application i think today is most important of health, nice way to aware about health. thanks for good post.

  3. Kushal Desai Reply

    Stay healthy, Stay well and do blogging.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      you told it rightly kushal :)

  4. Uverse Promo Reply

    Having an health app on a iPhone is great way to stay healthy. Especially, if you want to get a quick view of symptoms. WebMD is a great one.

  5. Lakxs Reply

    I am using Healthy Timeline app to track everything in my health life! and also track my children health.
    I recommend it very much!
    here is the link is FREE!

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