Top 5 reasons how having a Blog could help you get a Job

Today i will share with you the 5 reasons how having a blog could help you get a job. These days owning a blog is considered to be a big deal, and companies are interested in people who can give them that social exposure through the internet.

The popularity of blogging has soared over the past couple of years. It is a great platform to share your thoughts on subjects that you are passionate about. If you are good at it then you will start to generate a following of people who wait to see what you write next! Blogging is great for spreading a message or promoting a cause. A lesser known benefit of blogging is also discovered when it comes to job hunting. A blog can help you get a job for a number of reasons, here are the 5 reasons how having a blog could help you get a job:

1. Display your writing skills

Most jobs these days will require a certain level of written communication to be undertaken, even if it is just sending internal emails. Use your blog as a showcase of your writing ability, especially if you are looking for journalistic or writing based jobs.

2. Show your initiative

Just the simple fact that you have a blog shows employers that you were willing to go out and take some initiative to get it all started. No one forced you to start a blog and therefore it shows that you are proactive, creative and a modern thinker.

3. Demonstrate commitment
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It takes a dedicated and focused individual to update a blog with relevant and informative content on a weekly basis. The consistency that you demonstrate in blogging will really stand out to potential employers.

4. Showcase your technical ability

Running a blog takes an amount of understanding in the areas of IT and the internet. Use it to show off your technical ability such as HTML, WordPress and also your CSS knowledge. If you are looking for IT sales jobs or technology jobs then this is especially important.

5. Use it as a creative portfolio

If you are a designer then a blog is a great place to show off your design work and creative ability. After you create each piece of work make sure that you do a write up of it and upload a photo to your blog. This also means that you don’t have to take a weighty portfolio folder with you when you go for an interview.

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Employers will love to see individuals who can form and communicate their own opinions in a diplomatic yet convincing way. Your blog is a physical demonstration of all of those things that you say you are on your CV (Curriculum Vitae); hard working, forward thinking, full of initiative and committed. If you are a job hunter who is struggling to find work then get online and start your own blog!

Has this article about 5 reasons how having a blog could help you get a job helped you? What do you think, does having a Blog really pay off? Let us know in the comments!

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