Top 6 Reasons To Install Disqus 2012 on your Blog Right Now

Commenting Systems have changed! Let me give you killer top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 on your blog at the earliest. Recently you would have seen that we have moved to a new commenting platform i.e. Disqus.

Many regular readers, might have noticed that earlier we were using Facebook comments and the native WordPress commenting system. We had a lot of complications from the former arrangement, and i lie you not, we had to use 7 WordPress plugins totally, for just powering comments. From Subscribe to comments plugin to Commentluv, most of these plugins were simply hogging my server space and increasing my blog load time.

Finally i decided to switch to Disqus 2012, because i had been hearing a lot of good reviews lately. And as a result, i can proudly say that my Google Pagespeed score is now 92/100 which is a whopping increase from 86. My website is now faster than 80% of all the tested websites on the internet, and i don’t even use a CDN.

So back to Disqus, you see choosing the right commenting platform also requires a lot of research. From the many likes of Intensedebate, Livefyre and Facebook comments itself, i went with Disqus and here are 5 reasons that will tell you why!

1. Fully SEO’ed

Maybe you haven’t heard but the new Disqus 2012 is fully SEO compatible. Earlier Disqus wasn’t SEO supported because it was using javascripts to power up the comments but the new interface is based on iframes, which load faster and can be crawled by Google bots and other search engines too!

2. Realtime Comments

Disqus 2012 brings your comments in realtime. Everything happens in front of your eyes. For example, when you post a comment and your friend replies to that comment 1 second later, you will see your friend’s comment appear at that instant, unless you have enabled moderation. One other thing i got to witness while commenting on Disqus 2012 is whenever you are browsing through comments, you will sometimes notice “Another user is typing”, which tells you how transparent commenting on Disqus really is!

3. Socially equipped

This is one of the major reasons i opted to go with Disqus, you can login through Facebook and Twitter easily, and start commenting on any blog which is powered by Disqus. The interface gives you easy login options whenever you are about to make a comment. Commenting without logging in is also supported, a feature which is seriously missing in other commenting platforms.

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 1
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Additionally you can share the whole thread or a specific comment on Facebook and Twitter as well, just click on the Share button below a comment and choose your favorite social network. You can also click the link button to copy the permalink of that comment and share it to anywhere.

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 2
4. Smart Voting features

Disqus uses a smart algorithm to bring the best comments out first and keep the spam at bay. I am of course, talking about the voting features. Say you like a comment, simply click on the up button and that comment will move up the list. Discussions are by default, sorted by Best i.e. popular comments rank higher.

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 3

So when a person votes down due to use of abusive language, you can delete that comment and it helps you notice spammy comments easily. You can also change this option to sort comments by Newest or Oldest in the Admin settings. Disqus also helps you star discussions so that people will know how much likes a thread is gaining.

5. Richest Community ever

Disqus interface brings you your community at your fingertips. With just a click you can see all the discussions happening in your blog and who are the top commentators on your site. Just switch on to the Community tab, and take a look which conversations are trending. This will also help you know which person is the most loyal reader of your blog and who indulges with you the most!

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 4


6. Reactions, Discovery and Subscriptions made easy

You can trace all the virality your blog post is gaining from the Reactions tab. People mentioning your post on Twitter, sharing your content on Facebook can be easily tracked back from this tab. As of writing this post, Disqus revealed us with the Discovery box. Discovery box is a good way to recommend your  readers to read other content from your blog after they have finished commenting. This helps keeping people engaged and thus increases your pageviews.

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 5


Subscribing to a thread was very difficult earlier. I had to use this plugin called Subscribe to comments, just to put a box under the comments to make people subscribe to my post. The new Disqus makes subscribing very easy, you can subscribe by email or rss just by clicking the drop down box beside the star button.

Top 6 reasons to install disqus 2012 - screenshot 6


Request for an Invite!

This is not it! Remember Disqus 2012 is still in Beta, there are loads of other features which will be added very soon. This doesn’t mean you are not allowed to try out the new Disqus. You can request for an invite to try out Disqus 2012 by navigating to this page. I have been using it since the last 2 days and i have encountered no bugs so far. The Final version is supposed to release later this month.

If you aren’t yet inspired, try this statement posted by the Disqus team on its invite page “We’re working on something big… comments may never be the same again.”

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  1. netster Reply

    This is awesome.

    The reason why I havent yet use any third party commenting system is I’m worry about the data.

    Imaging if I choose not to use it in the future, I will have to take the trouble to reimport back all the comments — No?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi jong thanks a ton for the comment :) and about your question…i am happy to say that there is no need of reimporting… all your comments are synced between discuss and wp database so even if you decide to uninstall disqus in the future..all your comments will remain intact. i had thought of this problem also but disqus handles everything nicely..dats why i made the switch…i replaced 7 of my plugins wit just 1 disqus plugin…dats unloading a lot of pressure from your server and disqus also keeps ur gravatars cached so dat also is one more plus point. you also dont need akismet as disqus handles spam very wel :D

      • netster Reply

        Looks like they have improve succinctly over time and since they have been in the community for such a long time I think everyone should give it a try. The team can be trusted for their commitment in the blogging arena especially with WP.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          i totally agree with you…disqus is already being used by the biggest tech giants such as engadget and recently ign has also joined in…i think i will hold onto disqus…i just cant find a better way to comment :)

  2. DarkUFO Reply

    Nice review @gautamdoddamani:disqus

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks man :) i see you have mentioned my name in the comment…how are you finding disqus so far?? are you using it on your blog?

      • DarkUFO Reply

        Yep, been using Disqus for many years. I was the first paying custom when they went with Addons. :)

        I use the NEW Disqus for all my sites except for my main site (spoilertv) which I use the older version as we need css support and media uploads to be available for that site before we go live with the new version.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          wao good to know man :) yea css support is very essential for sites and the media uploads feature too…i was using the old version earlier which used li tags for blog uses images to represent lists so it looked very awkward..though disqus’s css is easy to configure and i managed to make it working!

          thank god the new version isnt so complicated…i deleted all the disqus tweaks from my stylesheet after installing the new one. whew!

  3. SEOBloggersTips Reply

    I am not using DISQUS right now but after reading your article i am planning to give it a try.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks hope you wil find the new disqus more fun commenting and interacting with your fellow readers. :)

  4. Toan Reply

    If disqus is installed do readers have the option of not signing in to discuss and comment with other platforms like the built in wordpress commenter, open Id, Facebook, or google plus?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi toan… of course disqus allows you to comment using facebook and G+…just look for the social network icons when you are about to post a comment in the comment box. and if you want, you can also comment anonymously without signing in at all…disqus automatically uses the gravatars to associate your email id with your gravatar account!

  5. txtface Reply

    Add ease of use. With Disqus you can moderate comments from all your blogs on one dashboard if you so prefer.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      exactly man…i myself have got two blogs and i moderate both my blogs comments from my disqus page…its like a one stop for checking all my comments :)

  6. Baby Play Mats Reply

    I love how interactive it is!

  7. Motorola Motoactv Guide Reply

    Been using Disqus to post comments only for a while now and loving the dashboard they provide on their site. With the above points in mind, it might be time to get Disqus comments enabled on our blog too.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      thanks and yes the dashboard provides a new interface now..disqus 2012 is powered wit so many functions and is a nice way to enrich and liven up your comment platform. i suggest you to enable em immediately as it has gone public now! :D

      • netster Reply

        installed on my other site ( looking good. the important of comments is a dreadful thing to wait. *fall asleep*

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          yup i m seeing it…it luks gr8 dude. now its time to build a community :D logged my first comment on your personal blog!

  8. Naira Reply

    I have problems with localization of disqus 2012 for wordpress, even if I change the default english to the another language(for example russian) it doesn’t change. Any help?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hmm i never really tried changing languages..perhaps its a bug. maybe you should bring that to notice at the disqus help center…they will help you! :)

    • Ryan Reply

      Localization is coming later – for now use Disqus classic and keep an eye on our blog for when we open translations:

      • Gautam Doddamani Reply

        thanks for actively participating and responding to user’s comments ryan..much appreciated! :)

      • Mark Reply

        No localization? 1 reason that i don’t install disqus 2012 on my blog.

    • zuhair Reply

      It’s support english only till now.

  9. Alfredo Mantini Reply

    Hi:) do you know how to change the color of links and strips of disqus2012 in wordpress? I managed to just change only the margin-left in comments.php Disqus plugin, but i don’t know why the color is #0000EE instead of the classic
    # 1977CA, this is my blog now

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi i looked at your blog…which disqus component color do u wish to change?? is it the bar that says you are using the new disqus?

      • Alfredo Mantini Reply

        No, I’d like to change the color of the strip selection below discussion, or community and my disqus; the color of the number’s link (comments and reaction) when the cursor hovers over the link; the color of the names of commenters and the titles of articles in all disqus thread. Usually (like your blog) is the same color for all these components (#1977CA) but in my blog is #0000EE.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          hmm i tried a lot man..seems like you are having a problem with the color of your links…your theme is not displaying em properly…i tried to target the css by putting the !important css rule but stil no change…sorry i couldnt help :/

          • Alfredo Mantini

            i have changed publisher ancor color with firebug, but i don’t know where’s in my css

          • Gautam Doddamani

            exactly… its the css of disqus not your theme’s…and i am not able to edit the css of disqus :(

  10. swapnil_link Reply

    Hey, i want to change the “comments” part to “reviews” . Like at top it is coming 27 comments, i want it to be 27 reviews. I looked through whole php files, didnot get do this. Can you help ? Also “Leave a message” –> “Write a review” .

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      i am sorry i dont know how to edit those things…maybe the disqus team can help you!

      • MHazell Reply

        Right now there is not way to change this right now. They have to add a theme editor for Disqus 2012, and Disqus 2012 is still adding features.

        The classic Disqus is the only way to change this, if you have the premium theme editor.

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          thanks for making it clear hazell…hoping the theme editor will be available for D12 very soon :)

    • Ryan Reply

      There’s no way to change this right now, as we’re not generally used for reviews right now. That said, we do appreciate the suggestion and we’ll definitely consider some other uses for Disqus like reviews!

  11. manual forum posting Reply

    Thanks for this article.

  12. yellaflow Reply

    Just installed the new Disqus on WordPress. Looks good but I’m not seeing any of the old trackbacks. Am I missing something, or are trackbacks not imported into Disqus 2012?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      i dont think trackbacks are imported when u install the new disqus…only comments are…but you might want to drop a word to the disqus community about this!

  13. Chris Reply

    Was just wondering why Disqus is disabled on your blog now? I see you have reverted back to the native WordPress comments.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      hi chris yes we recently started delivering our weekly email newsletter through mailchimp and as disqus doesn’t have subscribe support for mailchimp, aweber or feedburner we decided to switch back to the native wordpress comments to give our readers the ability to subscribe through their email address…as a result we have seen an improvement in our subscribers list so we will not be using disqus for a while! :-)

      • Chris Reply

        Got it. What plugin are you using to enable that functionality? Also, do you have an article on how you enabled the “Sign up for my Newsletter” section below your blog post?

        • Gautam Doddamani Reply

          that box is custom made…you can easily design it through css and a little bit of html. i will soon come up with a tutorial to do just that and also to setup a newsletter signup checkbox below comment forms.

  14. TheDesignLove Reply

    Hi Gautam
    Very helpful explanation on DISQUS comment system. I will give a try on installing it on my site.

  15. Feltores Reply

    But why don’t you have disqus then? :)

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      we were using disqus earlier but recently we were concerned with improving our site load times so we switched back to wordpress default but disqus still remains the best commenting platform..i have had no issues with it :)

  16. Enwil Reply

    ///we were using disqus earlier but recently we were concerned with improving our site load times so we switched back to wordpress default///

    I think you said you switched to disqus because it improves your site load time. You’ve written, “And as a result, i can proudly say that my Google Pagespeed score is now 92/100 which is a whopping increase from 86. My website is now faster than 80% of all the tested websites on the internet, and i don’t even use a CDN.”

    Does it slow down the site?

    ///disqus still remains the best commenting platform..i have had no issues with it ///
    Since you had to remove disqus to improve your site load performance. Isn’t that an issue?

    I want to switch to disqus but in dilemma so wanted to know why you switched back to default.

  17. Kristy Stauffachera Reply

    Thank you for sharing this post, I think using disqus can improve your website by a substantial amount. I like the idea of real time comments because then you can see peoples opinions and thoughts straight away. You can also reply to the comments straight away.

  18. Miguel Reply

    Hello, you said on the point “4. Smart Voting features” that it is possible to change the default sorting order of the comments, but i can’t do that… Can you help me fixing this ? I want to make the default order by Newest… Thank you !

  19. Cary Whipple Reply

    The first reason why i removed Disqus in my blog, is that I thought their new design makes it hard for SEO. I thought that they have totally changed the way their commenting system works. However, I was wrong. I have to install it in my blog, again.

  20. Bill Reply

    I just loaded Disqus on a WordPress 3.5 blog and experienced a compatibility issue. As soon as I enabled Disqus, the comments on my blog were disabled. I thought there might be a conflict between commenting systems, but I couldn’t find a setting in WP3.5 to turn off default WP commenting and let Disqus operate. I disabled Disqus and all is functioning normally. Does any know of any compatibility issues between WP3.5 and Disqus 2012? Apologies if there is an easy solution to my problem….I am a WP novice. Thanks again.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      installing disqus should automatically disable the default commenting by wordpress…disqus will sync with wordpress, you should allow all comments to be imported to disqus, then if you want to comment you should always login to the disqus dashboard…thats how i did it.

  21. Miscee Reply

    I have a disqus account but the disqus icon does not appear along with the other commenting platform icons. e.g., twitter, facebook, tumbler, etc. I tried to install it on the Fox News website but no luck. I’m not a computer whiz so maybe that’s why. If anyone can give me simple directions…..

  22. Zion Amal Rafeeq Reply

    Its like a war going on between Disqus and Commentluv.
    Disqus is the best and my big thumbs up for them.
    Thanks for sharing Gautham

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