Tweetbot for Mac – The Best Twitter Client for Mac

Yes tweetbot for mac is out now! If you haven’t yet heard, tweetbot is the best twitter client ever built for the mac os. Tapbots, the developers of tweetbot twitter client released the app for the mac platform in October. I know i am a little late to announce this app but still it remains no. 1 in my top twitter apps for mac.

Features in Tweetbot for Mac:

  1. Single window/Multiple window/Column views
  2. Inline Media Preview for tweets
  3. Update your Profile or change avatar from within the client
  4. Manage all your twitter lists
  5. Save drafts to send out the tweets later
  6. View Trends
  7. Retina support for Macbooks
  8. Notifications for users on Mountain Lion
  9. Support for iCloud synchronisation
  10. Block users for spam
  11. Mute users, hashtags or even keywords

tweetbot 1.1 screenshot

What i liked about Tweetbot?

As soon as i installed Tweetbot, i was surprised with this awesome interface. Although it was not new to me, as i had checked out the screenshots on the Mac App store, using and seeing are two different things.

The interface is pretty neat and Mac like. That unusual blue glow on icons is what caught my attention.

As far as functionality is concerned, it has all the features seen in other twitter clients like Tweetdeck or Twitterific. Quick options to Reply, retweet, favorite, view conversation, copy tweet and even translating a tweet appears inline.

You can quickly jump from tabs such as Timeline, Mentions, Direct messages, Favorites, Twitter search, Your profile, Lists, Retweets by others and Filters which appear on the left sidebar. Sending out a tweet is as easy as clicking the new tweet button.

You can also check out other user’s profile from within the same window. Double clicking a tweet will give the timestamp of when the tweet was made and details about the twitter client used to send the tweet.

Another nice feature i liked about Tweetbot is the icon displayed on the menu bar. Whenever you want you can check out the new tweets you have by clicking on the icon or send out a new tweet instantly.

The notification feature is also a life saver. By default, it is disabled but you can enable it by going to the Preferences and changing it. All the sounds incorporated in the client are also very cute. If you think the font is too small, you can change the font size too.

Pricing and Download

The only con about this nice twitter client (probably the best one out there) for Mac OS is that it is heavily priced at $20. The developers told they priced the app steeply because they wanted to continue providing support for tweetbot in the future.

“This limit and our desire to continue to support the app once we sell out is why we’ve priced Tweetbot for Mac a little higher than we’d like.”

If you want to download the latest version of Tweetbot, you can find it on the Mac App Store. Please make sure you upgrade to Mountain Lion if you haven’t already, to enjoy the best experience offered by this twitter client.

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