Twiback lets you change your Twitter Backgrounds easily

Did you know twiback lets you change your twitter backgrounds so easily? Twiback is a new tool that can automatically change your twitter profile background image and your twitter profile pic whenever you want them to.

The very first question that will pop into your mind after reading this post title is, why the hell, would i go for twiback when i can easily change my background image in Twitter settings page itself? Well, i am going to reply you with a question itself, i.e. have you ever even, tried to change your twitter background to a custom image of your own?

If you have, then you would definitely know, that its literally impossible to change your background, if your image size exceeded more than 200kb or so. Twitter servers just won’t accept your image. Many times i have received the message “Internal Server Error” when i tried to upload my custom image.

Well here is a nice tool that i am going to reveal to you today, which can change your twitter background image in seconds and also give you the ability to change it automatically at specified intervals of time.

Twiback is the tool that i am talking about. Now here’s a little tutorial on how to change your background easily with this nifty little app.

How To: Change your Twitter Background using Twiback

Step 1: Go to Click the Sign in with Twitter. You will be signed in via OAuth and you have to authorize the app so that it can frequently change your background image, etc.

Step 2: After authorization is complete, you will land on to the Twiback dashboard, where you will mainly see two different tabs, Backgrounds and Profile icons. Here you will get the option to choose from many different twiback’s very own textures, patterns, profile pics, etc.

But you don’t want to use their images as you have got the power to add your own custom background image. Just click the Upload button and select the background image that you created. The image will be uploaded in a few moments.

 Remember, here you are using twiback’s servers to store your custom images, that’s why you won’t be getting any kind of server errors. As is a very popular site, the servers won’t process your requests and will be timed out whenever you upload large sized high quality images. This is where Twiback comes into picture!

Step 3: After upload is complete, just click on the uploaded image and then click on Publish Now button. All done! Now go ahead and check your Twitter Profile Page.

How To: Make your Twitter Backgrounds to change frequently

You will also notice there’s another little option called, Change Time and Date Settings. This is where the awesomeness starts. Click it and you will get a popup box where you can select your Time Zone, etc. Set your preferred Date and Time to change your background image or you can also make it to change Daily, Weekly or Monthly by clicking on the appropriate option.

Finally click on Save Settings. Wait, the setup is not over yet. Lastly you just have to select all the background images that you want, to appear on your twitter page frequently. Voila! Now your background images will change automatically!

Wasn’t this guide about how twiback lets you change your twitter backgrounds, easy? Let us know of you found this app useful for changing your Twitter Background images!

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