Twitter: The One and Only Drama Queen of all Social Networks

From sensational stories to LOL trolling, lets see why twitter is considered the drama queen of all social networks and what makes this social platform so special to all the users around the world.

Love it or hate it, Twitter is here to stay. Viewed equally as a democratising mouthpiece for the masses and as an inane symptom of our overly connected modern world, the social networking site certainly divides opinion. One thing that is for sure though, Twitter has revolutionised modern journalism and the proliferation of information.

However, such information comes at a price. When Twitter infringes certain rules that existed long before its conception back in 2006, the powerful little social tool tends to land itself in hot water.

Contempt of Court

As long as there have been idiots serving on juries, working for newspapers or otherwise finding themselves in a position from which they can influence the outcome of a legal procedure, there has been contempt of court.

What Twitter did, however, was make contempt of court a far easier crime to commit.

When the recent clutch of super-injunctions was launched in the UK, it was of course Twitter that blew them all wide open. The seemingly anonymous mouthpiece of the masses was the perfect place for micro-bloggers to – rightly or wrongly – spill the beans.

This brought Twitter under scrutiny; whether or not you believe in the super-injunctions is immaterial, the ethics of anonymous users of a social media website casually breaking the law are somewhat difficult to defend.

Trolling and Abuse

Because Twitter is very open and almost any user can access almost any other user, conversation and debate very often flows between two complete strangers. While this is wonderful for broadening the horizons of the world through collective knowledge, it is also ripe for abuse.

twitter trolling - drama queen of all social networks

While many class such abuse as freedom of speech; cyber bullying, hate campaigns and racist/homophobic slurs are not something the police have been taking lightly.

Thanks to several high profile retweets from celebrities who subsequently passed their details over to the authorities, there have been a number of convictions for racist language, hateful messages or incitement to violence on Twitter in recent months.

The world has witnessed the power of Twitter to catalyse revolutions and affirmative action. By the same token it also has the power to incite hate against minorities if its members decide to use it in this way, hence the crackdown.

Twitter Joke Trial

The “Twitter Joke Trial” as it has been dubbed by the media, was the trial of Paul Chambers, a man who in 2010 jokingly remarked on Twitter that he planned to blow up an airport in Doncaster, UK.  Someone monitoring the website at the airport did not deem the threat to be a credible one, but notified the authorities anyway.

Mr Chambers was arrested and subsequently convicted. He was ordered to pay £385 in damages plus £600 costs; his property and belongings were also seized during the police operation.

High profile protests surrounded the trial, mainly from people disgusted at the heavy handed treatment Mr Chambers had received. This was yet another example of Twitter in the courtroom and another reason for users of the social networking site to take care as they tweet.


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    I think twitter is a great tool, but like all social networks it has its weaknesses.
    About Domino’s Pizza I believe that as a company, it has made ​​a wrong use of twitter.
    A tweet like that is never justifiable if you are a company

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