Twitter TFF Concept – How to get the most out of Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site which allows you to reach out to a greater audience. If you are a Blogger, you are already familiar with Twitter TFF Concept. If not read on below.

The Twitter TFF concept not only allows you to expand your twitter reach but also to gain a major blog traffic. This Twitter TFF ratio was first discovered by Dave Donaldson. Twitter TFF is nothing but Twitter Following Follower ratio. Have you ever calculated your following follower ratio on twitter? That’s the difference between you and the successful people, unlike celebrities.

If you know how to use your twitter account to gain more followers, congratulations you are already a winner! For those “coming up” people like you, here’s a little secret about how you can expand your twitter reach and go B.I.G!

So lets get started.

  1. First things first go calculate your Twitter TFF ratio at and then come back later. The higher the ratio, the more hotter you are. Look at the chart on the site and rank yourself.
  2. Now that you know your rankings, time to work on them. Find out who those losers are who are not following you but instead you are following them. Visit tweeter karma and give it a go. Lose the non-followers.
  3. Decorate your Twitter account. Give nice backgrounds, update your bio by putting in your favourite interests. Upload your profile pic (it should not be some random pic instead a pic of your face is better), also make sure you have shared your blog url in the bio!
  4. Now that you have designed your account, time to follow people who share the same interests as you do. Go to twellow and start following people who share your likes. Remember not to follow spammers. If a guy has more following and less followers i.e. has a ratio of less than 1, then he is likely to be a spammy. Be wise while following!
  5. Time to look professional. Go to socialoomph and register yourself. They have really nice features for their users such as scheduling tweets, sending ‘thank you’ message for new followers and other cool perks.
  6. This is your last stage. In here you have will learn how to tweet rather than tweeting garbage. While tweeting remember to include people of high ranks, this will get you more exposure. Tweet about the interests you share and like. Re-tweet others tweets which will make you known among people. Send direct messages to strike conversations. Be regular in tweeting, not tweeting for a whole day and over-tweeting the next day will not do you much good.

Congratulations! You have completed all your objectives to enjoy healthy tweeting. Now start Tweeting and let your ideas flow. Just make sure you adhere to the 6th point. By time you will see your twitter followers increasing day by day. As a result you will also see a significant blog traffic due to twitter. If you want to learn more, here’s a nice article by techcrunch which discusses about Twitter TFF in detail.

As for your problem regarding following celebrities and your favourite people please create a list in Twitter and start adding them. Its no use following them as they will not prove to be any good other than flooding your twitter feed. This suggestion was given to me by Murugappan from Thanks to him my twitter feed is now clean and awesome.

Now its time for your lovely comment. Share your thoughts about this new tutorial. Educate your friends by sharing this article. HAPPY TWEETING! :)

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  1. Elizabeth Reply

    Thank you for this article , I just learned many new things to help me set up my twitter page!

  2. Ankit Reply

    Is it okay to use twitter bot websites to get maximum back to back twitter followers which in turn increase my tffratio?

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      i had suggest you not to use bots ankit, play it safe and try to focus on cultivating relationships on twitter with which you can ensure more ppl wil follow u for the trust u put in ur brand! :)

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