What should you do if your Smartphone breaks?

Today we will tell you how to improvise and think logically as to what should you do if your smartphone breaks. We will discuss how you can avoid accidentally breaking or damaging your costly phones and at times when your iPhone becomes irreparable. Read on below to find out more.

Most of us at some point have had one of those scary moments when we have dropped or spilt something on our beloved iPhones. Anything can happen to them from falling off our desks whilst we are working or being used as a toy by our young children or pets. Despite there being an App for most things nowadays we haven’t advanced enough to the point of having indestructible phones. We all need to be aware of what we should do just in case our smartphone breaks.

What should you do if your smartphone breaks?

Sell it to a website for parts

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There are a lot of websites that will buy your old or damaged smartphones from you. All you need to do is send it in to them so they can have a look at it. They will then tell you how much they are willing to pay you for it and you can choose to sell it or ask them to send it back. If you do have a broken iPhone then it is best to try and make some money from it rather than just throwing it in the bin.

Get it repaired

A lot of smartphone damage, and especially iPhone damage, can actually be repaired if you send it to a specialist company. You could always try to fix it yourself but sometimes you can actually make the problem worse and not better. So what should you do if your smartphone breaks? Search iPhone repairs on the internet and have a look for a good repair website. You will need to send your iPhone off via post to be fixed. The easier the damage is to repair the quicker they will send it back to you. On average you will probably get it back within 3 days. Charges vary depending on the problem.

Plan for the worst!

We all know there will always be articles about what should you do if your smartphone breaks but why worry if you could always prevent it. All of us try our very best not to damage our smartphones but we simply cannot guard against everything. Keeping your phone in a case will help to keep it safe and stop the screen from getting scratched whilst it is in your bag.

Try not to leave your phone lying around and then your children won’t be able to get hold of it and break it. Do what you can to keep your phone in good working order but know your options just in case!

So how did you like this tutorial about what should you do if your smartphone breaks. Did you find it useful? Please comment and let us know.


This is a guest post by Sam Smith. Sam is a writer and tech geek who loves to share her thoughts on smartphones and iPhone repairs.

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