What will you Gain and Lose by Jailbreaking your iPhone

Many people ask the same question, what will you gain and lose by jailbreaking your iphone? Here is a nice list compiled for you if you are getting second thoughts about performing a Jailbreak on your iPhone?

Jailbreaking your iPhone might seem like a great idea, and truth be told, there are many benefits to doing this. If you have mobile broadband, you can quickly and easily get a lot of new apps. Or, you could end up bricking your iPhone.

Here is a list of the top six pros and cons for jailbreaking your iPhone:

Pro: Get a load of whole New Apps for your iPhone

The iPhone is chock full of apps, so why would you need more? The real strength of jailbreaking your iPhone isn’t so much the number of new apps, but what they can do. The apps you can download with a regular iPhone tend to have some restrictions, such as lacking 3G support or using a small amount of data to keep you from going over your bandwidth cap.

By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can use a mobile broadband connection to download a whole new list of really cool apps with great features.

Con: Bricking is telling “Good-Bye” to your iPhone! Prepare to wander the Streets like an Alcoholic.

If you don’t know what bricking is, then here is a visual image. Do you know what a brick is? It doesn’t have any electricity running through it, no apps, it can’t call people and it certainly can’t be turned on. This is exactly what your iPhone will be capable of, if it bricks.

When you are trying to jailbreak the iPhone, there is always a chance that it will brick. Not only that, but you won’t be able to get a replacement unless you pay for a new one.

Pro: Get Access to the World’s Best Mobile Network, the T-Mobile GSM

Everyone has been hesitant to use iPhone in the past due to the AT&T service, and Verizon hasn’t done much to restore people’s confidence. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you can use T-Mobile GSM. This may be better for your area, and they tend to have a better phone record than AT&T and Verizon.


Con: Voided Warranty is what we call “Self Suicide”! We know you want to do it, but we warn you anyway.

When you buy an iPhone, you get a warranty that protects it against damage. You can get a replacement unit if the iPhone breaks, as long as the damage is not intentional.

If you jailbreak, or brick the iPhone in an attempted jailbreak, the warranty is void. That means you will have to lay out all that money again to get a replacement if something does go wrong.

Pro: Nobody likes a Stock Product, even your Girlfriend! Customize your iPhone and add some life to it.

You can add background and lock screen images with a normal iPhone, but that isn’t enough for most people. When you jailbreak the iPhone, you are given many more customization options to make the iPhone look just the way you want it to. You can change how icons look, make and install themes and do so much more.

Some themes even allow you to add five icons at the bottom, as opposed to four!

Con: Malware’s are Bad. Hackers are Worst!

Be careful when selecting a jailbreak program for the iPhone. Most programs will be fine, but there are some that come packed with malware. The moment you try jailbreaking your iPhone, the malware propagates and infects your iPhone. It might be benign, like changing your wallpaper into Rick Astley (this happened with a worm that affected Australian iPhones). However, it can be a malignant virus that does serious harm.

Not only that, but since the iPhone doesn’t have the same security after jailbreaking, it is easier for hackers to get into your iPhone.


Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to say if the pros outweigh the cons with jailbreaking your iPhone. But, if you really want those new apps, to throw AT&T and Verizon to the wayside and customize your iPhone, then try it out. Many other people have succeeded, but you should still be prepared for the worst before attempting this.


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  1. Catwoman Reply

    Such an informative text! Thanks for sharing it, it was very useful for me. I had been thinking for about months to get a jailbreak in my iPhone when I came to your blog. I haven’t known of the pros and contras of a jailbreak, but now it’s getting clear for me. I think I would prefer the original installation, the apps don’t cost so much and I won’t loose that nice support from apple.

    • Gautam Doddamani Reply

      yes thats a good decision if you are not much into changing your phone appearance. jailbreaking in iphone is the same as rooting in an android..it gives you administrator access in your phone but some ppl tend to misuse it and end up bricking their phone. :)

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