WordPress 3.2 released. What’s new?

WordPress 3.2 has been officially released today. This release has been codenamed as “Gershwin”. And yes its better, its faster and smarter than ever.

Redesigned user interface:

I am very happy today as this is my first post from WordPress 3.2 and i am loving it. What’s new in WordPress 3.2? Well the very first thing you will notice after upgrading to 3.2 is its completely redesigned user interface. You will find lighter greys and brighter whites. Also its clean and very elegant looking. The navigation pane slightly brings a depth feeling and each tab is designed in arrow-like shapes.

Addition of Twenty Eleven theme:

Twenty Eleven has become the new default theme for WordPress 3.2. Last year when 3.0 was introduced we saw the release of Twenty Ten and now this year Twenty Ten has been replaced with Twenty Eleven. Twenty Eleven is no ordinary theme, its been coded with the latest version of HTML, the HTML5. As always the theme is a basic and of minimalistic design. One unique feature of this theme is that the logo of the theme changes everytime you navigate to any other page, so you will always have an image to ponder upon.

Distraction free writing:

As the heading suggests, now writing your posts is more fun. The full-screen writing mode is more smarter now. It hides all the unnecessary widgets that consumes your writing space and fades into a more expanded view where you can focus completely on your writing. Lesser distraction and more concentration, that’s what the new method of writing (ZEN) is all about.

Smarter Upgrade:

WordPress Upgrade process is now better and faster. Previously, upgrades consumed a lot of bandwidth in downloading and replacing all the old files completely. After installing 3.2, future upgrades can be made within a click of a button as only modified files will be replaced and not all the files.

Don’t Worry, Browse Happy!

Browse Happy, a site which reminds you of your outdated browser version and notifies you of a recent version. No matter which browser you use, Browse Happy has been setup for the sole purpose of you to browse without any worries. WordPress now collaborates with Browse Happy in alerting you if are ever using an outdated browser.

Also, note that support for IE6 has been completely dropped. Surprisingly Microsoft team is happy about this, check out their say!

Important Note:

WordPress 3.2 minimum system requirements (MSR) have been updated. Right now its mandatory for you to be running a PHP 5.2.4 version and MySQL 5. Please double check if you hosting provider is up-to-date with these versions, failure to do so will result in a database malfunction. If you are not sure that your WordPress is ready to be upgraded, please install and activate this plugin. Health Check plugin will automatically display a message after it has been activated.

If you think you are ready, just click DOWNLOAD WORDPRESS 3.2

Get behind the scenes of WordPress 3.2. Watch the video below and get introduced!

So what do you think, will you make the leap to WordPress 3.2? Tell us with a comment.

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  1. MME Reply

    Wow, great this is very good news thanks for info.

  2. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Hi, thanks for your assistance helping in latest news for wordpress 32 released, new version agian thanks for info.

  3. Lenny23 Reply

    In the video it says that twentyeleven adjusts itself to the screensize. Is this automatic or does it require to be activated somewhere in the admin section?

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