Xilisoft DVD Creator 6 features

Where do you watch your favourite movies? Do you go to the theatre to watch them, or do you watch ‘em at home? Now i am going to reveal you an awesome software that lets you watch your movies at home with a theatre-like experience.


Introducing to you the new Xilisoft DVD Creator 6, that lets you enjoy movies on the big screen. Many of us have a DVD player at home. I am not talking about the DVD writer in your PC but the DVD player attached to your Television set. You probably own one and never actually use it coz you are too busy watching movies on that shitty quality cable or on those promising DTH and Digital TV set top boxes.

Let me tell you that the best clarity on your TV can only come through your DVD player. It is not my proposition, it is just simple science. Cable providers broadcast you content coming from the satellites and those TV signals lose their bandwidth by the time it reaches your TV set giving you a blurry picture and distorted images. DVD uses its own decoders to decode the encoded movie and present them to you. Movies can be encoded by the use of specialised encoding software’s such as Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 which can author videos in various Blu-Ray and HD formats.

Now one of the same encoding software’s you can find is the Xilisoft DVD Creator. I prefer this product because its fast and converts your movies into DVD format very quickly without the loss of any quality. The most amazing thing about this software is that it supports Multithread and Multi-core processing i.e. if you have a PC with two or more cores, conversion is done much faster. I have a Quad-core processor and Xilisoft converts any movie in less than 20 minutes. This is the feature which separates it from all other video conversion softwares.

Here is a small summary about other exciting features of this software:

  • Superfast conversion with the help of Multi-Core processing technology.
  • Converts from all popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, H.264/AVC, MOV, MTS, M2TS etc.
  • Burn the DVD straightaway after conversion to watch it on your TV.
  • Convert and save the image on your Hard disk for later burning purposes.
  • Create DVD movies from videos taken in iPhone 4.
  • You can also burn your movies with custom menu, subtitles and animation effects.
  • In-built player to preview your videos before burning them onto the DVD.

If you already liked this software then just download it by clicking here and the software is totally free!

Now tell us by a comment if you have a better product than this one! I regard this as the best DVD creator on Planet Earth, if you come across something which surpassess the features of Xilisoft then please let us know…i will surely shoot myself!

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  1. Ardman Reply

    I have use this software for a long time. But I just use the portable one. Now I’ll try to install it and find out what’s the difference. ^_^

    Thank You For the download link.

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