YouTube revamps its interface with a Minimal Design and Faster Player

Youtube revamps its interface, gets a new look for the player, and buffering speeds are noticeably faster too. The most popular video sharing website has gone from pretty to just plain awesome.

Here is how the new Youtube looks like:

How to Get the new Youtube Experience?

The Google Team had been tweaking the interface of Youtube the last month itself, but now it has released it worldwide. If you are not yet seeing it, you might want to clear your browser’s cache.

In case you are still unable to see Youtube’s new interface, launch Chrome’s incognito window and then try to open

More White and Blues

There are a lot changes done to the new interface such as they have gotten rid of blacks (except the player). Now its more blues and white just like the good ‘ol Google. Although the video player now sports a paper black color, kinda like Metro UI. Clicking a button in the video player such as Annotation will light it up (knowing its ON).

Better Video Player

I have also seen a significant performance improvement in how quickly the videos get buffered. Previously i was having troubles seeking videos but now the bug is gone. The video preview is also working fine when you hover over the seek bar.

You can also pop out the video player and watch the video in a new separate window, by right clicking anywhere inside the video and selecting Pop out.

Neater Layout

As far as the layout is concerned it is pretty neat now. The Search bar is slim, they have shifted the Browse button to the left sidebar. There are only two buttons visible at the very top namely Upload and Sign in.

Uploader name (Channel name) is now placed below the video and so is the Subscribe button. Below the subscribe button you will find the social interactions like Liking or disliking the video along with general description of the video.

There are also four other tabs beside the About section, which are Share (where you can share the video), Add to (add video to playlist), Video Statistics, and the other one is Report Video button (where you can flag the video for abuse). Below these tabs you will see the Comment stream.

The right sidebar remains the same where you can see the promoted videos at the top and beneath it, suggested videos. Along the left sidebar, you will see a new Guide button, where you can browse videos from the various categories such as Most popular, music, sports, gaming, etc. Expand (or click on) the Guide, and you will find the Browse channels button.

What’s your opinion?

Everything else is pretty much the same. I am all psyched to give Youtube my personal tour. Are you? Also lets us know if you liked Youtube’s new interface.

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